This is what your car needs in the spring

In the spring, the wheels are polished again to a sharp shine. After all, you can see dirt so well in the sun that at some point you can not avoid removing it. Especially after the desert continues to send us desert greetings…we have a few tips and tricks to start the sunny months with a car safely and with a good feeling.

From October to Easter – even when the sun is shining

Even if most people find it very hard to believe that winter is back given the current temperatures, tires shouldn’t be changed until Easter. Because especially at night it can still be very cold and humid. Summer tires do not provide sufficient protection for slippery roads and can become a significant safety hazard.

Even if it’s wonderfully warm during the day, the nights can still be cool. Wait until Easter with summer tires. (Photo: Pixabay)

Basically when changing tires: if the tread depth is less than 3 millimeters, then you should definitely buy new tires. Because even in summer/autumn, it can quickly become slippery and therefore dangerous on the road due to traces of oil or wet leaves. After changing the tires, after 100 to 200 kilometers at the latest, retighten the wheel bolts. The following applies to removed winter tires: Always store them in a clean, dry, cool, dark place. Then they can be driven again next winter without any problems.

A visit to the car wash is a must

Although winter dirt, an aggressive, salty greasy substance, is not a problem for a healthy paint finish, it does help maintain that healthy paint. And a clean car simply conveys a completely different driving experience.

A car covered in desert dust.  This is what many cars in southern Germany look like now.
A car covered in desert dust. This is what many cars in southern Germany look like now. (photo: private)

Prewashing is important when washing the car. It softens stubborn dirt and prevents small stones, dirt particles or fine sand from leaving unsightly scratches on the paint during washing. In principle, inexpensive “standard washing programs” are quite enough to remove dirt from the car and make it shine. Expensive software with extra hot wax or underbody protection is “nice to have”, but not necessary from a car’s point of view. Everyone can decide for themselves how much quality they want to treat their car with.

Car wash is the preferred method for dirty cars.  for various reasons.
Car wash is the preferred method for dirty cars. for various reasons. (Photo: Pixabay)

Washing the underside of older cars can be even more harmful, as cleaning the underside allows moisture to seep into the cavities. This can then lead to rust formation. If the lower part is covered with plastic, washing the lower part of the body is unnecessary. On the other hand, maintaining the final coating makes a lot of sense, as it protects the coating from intense sunlight and sticky pollen.

Beautiful on the outside, but ugly on the inside?

After washing the car, a quick check of the wiper blades is also recommended. Snow and ice can cause the rubber to become brittle or crack and deform the blades. If this is the case, it is recommended to replace the windshield wipers.

But the car should not make a good impression only from the outside at the beginning of spring. Even under the hood, an amateur and amateur mechanic can make sure that the car doesn’t lack for anything in just a few simple steps. The first grip should always go to the engine oil joystick. Regular checks are useful here in order to prevent potentially serious engine damage.

Check the engine oil regularly.
Check the engine oil regularly. (Photo: Pixabay)

Important: always top up oil that has already been used. This should be noted on the inspection card from the last oil change. However, if you are not sure here, it is worth visiting a specialized dealer or trusted workshop. Cooling water and windshield wiper water can also be easily checked and, if necessary, capped. A window cleaner additive is recommended, especially during frost-free times. In this way, the plate is completely cleaned.

Last but not least, properly clean and clean the footbed, replace the rubber mats with summer mats and nothing stands in the way of your first spring ride.

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