Ubisoft is now invading Ghost Recon Breakpoint with NFTs

After Ubisoft has talked to its investors about NFTs in gaming and has been researching the concept for some time, now is the time. NFTs in the first big game are no longer a vision for the future, but a reality from December 9, 2021.
Ghost Recon Breakepoint will implement a new marketplace where cryptocurrencies can be used to buy NFT.

Free NFTs in Ghost Recon

It is located around exclusively about leather, which does not offer any real advantage to the players. This is a logical decision, because you definitely want to dive cautiously down the aisle here. It will be on December 9, December 12. And on 15.12.2019 give free NFTs to early adopters – so there will be NFT skins are abandoned.

Since NFTs are always available in only a limited number, first adopters likely mean: first come, first served. Ubisoft doesn’t reveal how many skins are in the promotion, but we do know that they are weapon skins, helmets, and pants.

Ubisoft’s NFT Marketplace Quartz

Breakpoint is the first game to be used as a futuristic thinking experiment for Ubisoft.

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Where Ubisoft sells NFTs is the new “Quartz” market. NFTs get a nice name Digits and get the serial number that visible to all. Plus, NFTs remember their owners for years (according to the trailer) and can, of course, be resold.

Anyone wishing to participate in the Marketplace must own the PC version via Ubisoft Connect and have achieved at least XP level 5 in the game. There is also one To be at least 18 years old To trade, each player can own a maximum of one number of the same issue.

If you want to participate, you have likely done so before Tesoz . wallet They must be created before you can get the toll-free numbers.

Ubisoft Metaverse

The publisher shows healthy self-confidence and describes this step as the first step The Road to Metaverse. At the same time, they talk about experience, because it is not yet possible to assess the reactions of the players.

However, since Ubisoft has been researching this technology with its startup program for years and wants to integrate it into games, this path will certainly be pursued further, No matter what the players’ reactions are. Even if the experiment fails from an objective point of view, one should expect more such applications.

The EA can also imagine entering the market. How far are you there is still a scroll. If you’re as far away as Ubisoft, it’s not farfetched that the publisher will soon follow suit in the race for the big new thing in video games.

Cryptocurrency Ubisoft

Tesoz is more environmentally friendly than Bitcoin.  However, whether that plays a role in players' criticism is unexpected.

Tesoz is more environmentally friendly than Bitcoin. However, whether that plays a role in players’ criticism is unexpected.

Source: Ubisoft

Instead of Ethereum (which is used by default in games), Ubisoft relies on the cryptocurrency Tesoz, which is especially popular with large companies. The reason for this is comparison fast processing.

Ubisoft never tires of mentioning that Tesoz Much better for the environment than Bitcoin, for example, because it would be based on a different system.

Proof of work and proof of stake

Bitcoin is based on Proof of Work. When a transaction is made, every computer that wants to participate in the blockchain system is involved. The first computer that can validate the transaction (i.e. confirm that the coin is not sold twice) is given a certain amount of coin. This is the so-called mining, which is very computationally intensive and not completely environmentally friendly.

Proof of Stake also depends on the validation process, albeit a much smaller crossover. This results from the people who actually own most of the currency and the so-called networks, and associations of people who own the currency in question.

While the probability of error is greater here, “miners” are also deducted from their currency if they make a mistake. Tesoz, for example, is based on this principle.

Ubisoft is using Tesoz instead of Ethereum

Etherum was initially based on Proof of Work, but with extensive updates, it has largely switched to Proof of Stake, but only for a certain computing power. Tesoz remains the most environmentally friendly currency. Ubisoft has been vowing for some time to be less polluting, which certainly influenced the decision.

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