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Sooner or later it affects everyone: care as a demographic issue

You would certainly agree with this statement: Health is our greatest wealth. But despite its importance, it is also fragile. As we age, the possibility increases that we will not be able to adequately take care of our well-being. Then professional care is required. If you are younger, this topic may still elude your eyes, but sooner or later care affects everyone: both directly as a patient and indirectly as a relative. Then of course you want to know that you or your loved ones are in good hands and in good hands, right?

But reality often turns hopes of quality care into fears: Can caregivers take the time they need, or are they too pressured to rush into the next care situation? Are they overburdened and do they make mistakes more quickly, which can sometimes have disastrous consequences? Such questions elicit a feeling of nausea in the stomach area rather than the reassuring certainty of competent care.

A look into the future: care has become more important

Nursing care is a very closely related and indispensable service sector that will become even more important in the future. The reason for this is the demographic change that has caused an increase in the number of elderly people in our society. Unfortunately, the situation for nursing personnel is the opposite: a shortage of skilled workers has been running for years. As of today, there is already a shortage of 200,000 nursing staff across Germany. The number of people in need of care continues to rise and projections suggest that the nursing staff shortage will rise to 500,000 by 2030. It is hard to imagine how this could affect urgently needed care for people in need.

The basic principle in nursing is: outpatient before hospitalization. After all, most people would rather continue to live at home than move into a nursing home, even when they need care. This desire is not surprising given all the memories associated with one’s home. Outpatient care is also the perfect solution for people who do not need care but would like some relief in everyday life. Then the care service takes over the tasks that children could often do in the past: go for walks, board games, or read together. However, in many cases, everyday family life today makes the offspring live too far, too busy professionally, or simply emotionally overburdened.

Care work: an important profession with a bad image

Those who work in care put their actions at the service of people. Occupations in the care sector are not only of great social importance, but are also extremely important to the quality of life of individuals. What is even more dangerous is that nursing as a profession is poorly associated. Surely you are familiar with the common arguments: working conditions are bad, it is said over and over again. However, it is not the content that is the problem, but the conditions. Because caring for the needy is a beautiful job and more than a fulfilling one, it is an essential part of a solidarity community and should also be recognized as such.

Only the problem of the shortage of skilled labor distorts the working conditions and thus the reputation. Nursing is an interaction of many occupational groups, where one cogwheel must interlock with another, like a clock. Teamwork, support and cohesion are prerequisites for a successful nursing process in all respects. If one gear or several gears fail, the clock mechanism stops. However, the shortage of skilled workers has already advanced thus far which requires rethinking in the long run. For the system to continue to function, it needs helpers dedicated to their hearts in the right place. needs you!

The solution to the care sector: an enthusiastic career change

The truth is: Nursing desperately needs more staff so that it can maintain the supply structure for people in need. The solution is career change committed people who want to change jobs and dare to take a step into nursing. You don’t have to be a nurse to make a valuable contribution to the system. There are many job descriptions an unskilled worker can make: care assistant, day support, care assistant helping the disabled, and housekeeping help. Truly everyone can make a valuable contribution and undertake a profession that creates meaning and is more socially important than ever before!

The tangible social agency is looking for support

As a care and support service, the social agency Konkret is committed to helping people who need support due to age, illness or disability. With us, professionals and career changers work hand in hand. Together they enable people to live a life of self-determination in their own homes. We stand up for our customers and employees alike:

● The overriding principle: the stopwatch should not work. We do not drive according to the classic trip model, but we plan our missions according to the needs of our customers. We always take as much time as necessary.

● We value the close and trusting relationship with our clients. That’s why we work according to the principle of primary care, that is, the same caregiver always comes to a person in need of care.

● We offer our employees at least the same or even better potential income than usual earnings in outpatient care.

● We encourage our employees. We also offer professional development opportunities up to and including team leadership for career changers.

It is also possible to get a job in nursing with us without prior training. With us you can participate and realize yourself as a career changer. Recession is a foreign concept for Konkret Social Agency. We are looking forward.

You can do good too!

Caring is important to all of us. For this reason alone, something needs to be done to be able to provide quality nursing care now and in the future in the face of a persistent shortage of skilled workers. The solution, dear reader! The side entry into care is suitable for all people who enjoy dealing with people and want to pursue a meaningful career. Each individual can contribute and receive an incredible amount of gratitude in return. You are not just anyone in need. You are a real hero or a real hero. It doesn’t work without you. Your entry options are varied. You have to decide for yourself whether you see yourself as a nursing assistant, daily companion, care assistant or housekeeping assistant.

Konkret Social Agency offers you the meaningful job you’ve always wanted. Just take a look at our current vacancies and get in touch with us. Let’s deal with it together!


Mrs. Catherine Ribau

Nursing Administration

Landline: 0731 140 50959

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