Between a sense of duty and emotional chaos

DrHe wonders when everyone will finally show up to undress in Episode 5 at the latest. It’s the moment season one took center stage in the happy married life of Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke of Hastings. We remember: Daphne, a beautiful upstart from a wealthy family, definitely wants to marry for love, makes mistakes and gets a little tangled up and generally gets annoyed with the fuss about her persona, and ends up with good-looking Duke Simon – unfortunately in season two he is painfully absent – and then it’s back to business .

It’s not really about the action this time around, because Season 2 tells the story of Bridgerton’s eldest son Anthony (Jonathan Bailey), who stands not only between two sisters, but above all else. The older sister is Kate Sharma (Simon Ashley), who devotes her life primarily to the upbringing and successful marriage of her younger sister Edwina and does not feel that she deserves anything herself. Edwina (Charithra Chandran) is a beautiful, sweet, friendly girl who is looking for the best possible match. Because Sharmas do not come from an organized background. The mother, Lady Mary, eloped with an Indian worker from a humble background, and Kate is her stepdaughter, and under the circumstances, the relationship with the grandparents is still broken years later. Inheritance, according to the condition, takes place only if Edwina is married at least in a manner befitting her position. To this end, Sharmas is housed with the influential Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh), the queen’s maid who does her best for Edwina. And Anthony Bridgerton is an obvious choice as a wealthy bachelor.

embarrassing for all involved

On the other hand, Anthony does not necessarily believe that marriage should have much to do with love, and in general he seeks a woman out of a sense of duty rather than conviction. So Edwina is a perfectly reasonable decision. Unfortunately, Anthony has irrational moments from time to time, like lying in a mud pit with Kate or randomly bumping into her somewhere because they both seem to lose control of their entire body in each other’s presence. Then they stand very close to each other and breathe down their necks, and you can already guess where this is going. But it will take a little longer this time, so please be patient.

Accordingly, there is a lot going on again in this fictional London. As in the first season, the events were accompanied by dispatches from the mysterious Mrs. Wesleydon, but we already know who is behind it. She is Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan), the youngest of Fetherington’s sisters, all of whom the sadly penniless mother of the family tries very hard to hide. This Mrs. Portia smells of dawn when, after her husband’s death, an heir appears, an overseas cousin and a wealthy owner apparently of a gem-mine.

We also get to watch Penelope’s blue-socked girlfriend Eloise Bridgerton as she’s forced to make her debut this season instead of letting her read a book in peace. It’s embarrassing for everyone involved, because the slender and straightforward Eloise isn’t exactly a decoration at social events that demand larger wardrobes and a chiseled manners. The fact that she will not marry at once is good news, because in this way she will remain with us for more seasons and will not be exiled to the country with her husband and child.

Now I finally kiss you!  Kate (Simon Ashley) and Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) are still naked in Episode 6.

Now I finally kiss you! Kate (Simon Ashley) and Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) are still naked in Episode 6.

Photo: Liam Daniel/Netflix

Since Bridgeton’s world is as multi-ethnic and mixed as that of Shonda Rhime with modern borrowings, the prerequisites are those of a Regency society: increasing wealth, maintaining family through the formation of heirs, honorable relationships and compatible behavior, otherwise there is a danger of social exclusion.

It could happen a little more in the second season, because now the world is widely known, the author of the mysterious gossip is recognized, and the love story is subject to the iron laws of the genre. One can add one or two plots easily.

But of course viewers get what they listened to: beautiful people, large robes of highly questionable historical accuracy, entertainment of personal frictions of all kinds, drama, and indomitable passions, all in colorful variety – the perfect escape.

BridgetonSeason 2, airing on Netflix.

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