NFT: Werder introduces a digital jersey set: what does that mean


Werder Bremen is the first club in the second Bundesliga to dare to offer its entire jersey range in digital form – based on the NFT. What this means is explained in our overview.

What are NFTs?

Non-Foldable Tokens (NFTs) are nothing more than unique digital items. NFTs can be thought of as a form of digital proof of ownership or proof of authenticity. Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, NFTS cannot be exchanged with each other. Rather, it is individual and unique and therefore depends heavily on scarce value and, above all, on relevant demand in terms of price. This means: Without the right interested parties, selling an NFT is more than difficult.

What does that mean for the fans?

Werder Bremen fans will likely encounter non-fungible tokens more often in the future. Starting April 13th, Werder will present its first digital T-shirt collection. In collaboration with Munich startup The Football Company (TFC), “virtual promotional items are created for display and use in the marketplace within the TFC app,” says Werder’s website.

The partnership between Werder Bremen and TFC will, among other things, create existing shirt collections right through to popular retro shirts from the most successful decades in the von der Weser team’s 120+ year history. There is also talk of creating other officially licensed NFT items.

What do investors hope from NTFs?

Conversely, this also means that if the demand is too high, the price of NFTs may rise rapidly within a very short period of time. Many investors hope that, not least from Werder Bremen, which can open up a whole new market with their digital t-shirt collection.

In principle, a large number of “non-replaceable tokens” can and should be distinguished. NFTs are usually presented as photos or videos, but in general they can shoot just about anything and are ultimately not limited to just one area. So NFTs can also be music, domain names, or even virtual real estate.

What is Werder Bremen’s goal?

The club communicates that “digitization[n] Transformation in a globalized world.” After all, “communication and consumer behavior” has changed dramatically, especially among the younger target group. This is how Niko Hrubi, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Werder Bremen put it.

“Our claim is that we have the courage to break new ground. We’ve been following the development of the NFTs for some time. We want to help shape them early on, learn from them and continually improve our offerings through feedback to fans and partners,” Hruby will quote on the club’s website.

However, the critical consideration of the CO2 footprint, which is very important to Werder in its commitment to the NFT, was also emphasized there. In this regard, the TFC partner chose its technology basis “carefully and foresight”. In fact, one of them will be more energy efficient than the other solutions and will use less power to generate an NFT compared to a Google search.

How should an NFT jersey operate in practice?

The TFC app is free to download and can be used entirely without purchasing NFTs. So people who do not want to invest money are not excluded. Werder Bremen is already advertising the digital t-shirt collection widely and at the same time provides insight into the concept. T-shirts with players’ names should have different added values ​​depending on the rarity of the jersey. These then range from point rewards within the TFC app to exclusive meet and greet events. Virtual jerseys can be purchased in “duffle bags”. These are randomly assembled packages of three shirts each.

How did the fans react?

The big question: will Werder Bremen’s virtual jerseys get a positive response from the fan community? Werder’s Twitter followers reacted very divided to the announcement tweet and the NFT group’s short presentation video. Sometimes there is a deficiency regarding the true meaning of NFT, and sometimes the reaction to the advertisement is simply a lack of understanding and bewilderment.

“Oh my gosh, it would be nice if your club didn’t get involved in all the bullshit. Especially when it’s just bullshit,” this is just one of the reactions on Twitter.

What clubs also rely on NTF products?

In addition to Werder Bremen, two of the current first division clubs, Eintracht Frankfurt and Wolfsburg, have entered the world of NFTs. While Wolves offer digital trading cards to players via ‘Fanzone’, the Frankfurt-based company offers a range of fan products. As with Werder Bremen, this also includes digital shirts.

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