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Car Maker Loyalty Programs - Night with Mona at the Museum

DS emphasizes Parisian elegance

Source: DS Autos

Exclusive trips, opera tickets, or racing weekends: Car manufacturers are getting increasingly creative when trying to provide their customers with more than just a new car. Even the efforts are paying off—especially in times of great industry turmoil.

sPX / Paris. Perhaps the most famous dream woman in the world – and here’s the good news: every fan can visit the lady at home. Oh, no no… However, the get-together needs to be planned weeks in advance. Then patience is required. Quite unromanically, step by step, as at airport check-in, you meander through the hall so that the lady looks deeply into your eyes. But even for a few seconds, the next waiting person presses from behind. Bon jour and au revoir, The Mona Lisa.

Leonardo da Vinci painted a portrait of a woman with a magical look. It hangs in the Louvre and is visited by about ten million people every year. It should be like an assembly line. Unless Fatima Kane intervenes. The manager of the client club “Only You Privilege” makes it possible to hold a very private meeting in a small circle – at night, when the doors of the Louvre have long been closed. The ten lucky art lovers have only one requirement: they have to drive a DS.

“2,200 people in Germany are members of our club,” says French. The noble brand of the Stellantis collection, with its bourgeois sisters such as Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat or Opel, should convey a feeling of champagne, so to speak. Moments can not be bought anywhere. The 10 visitors to the Louvre simply signed up as Kane offered a weekend of museum visits, hotel accommodations, and fine dining and drinking at the club. Who was the first to react now there. It’s all about the French promise of equality. Also, who drives the top model DS 9 is no more equal than the others…

The luxury brand from Paris, which is only seven years old, is not alone in opening closed doors. Whether in Formula 1 – plus Lewis Hamilton’s handshake – at the Salzburg Festival – plus dinner with Jedermann – or on an adventurous trip through the Kalahari – led by former racing stars: anyone who owns luxury brand cars is allowed to look forward to such opportunities. Sometimes a few thousand euros are expensive, sometimes at a real friendly price. For example, visitors to the Louvre had to spend 300 euros for the weekend. They usually don’t even get half a night at the hotel chosen for it – without the star menus and the Mona Lisa.

Of course, car companies aren’t philanthropic philanthropists—and the museum’s sponsorship of more than 35,000 works of art has an economic purpose. Customer loyalty is becoming more and more important, because cast iron trailers are a moribund breed even for well-established brands.

“In the community of experience, the car itself is no longer a status symbol, but rather an Instagram photo album for the last road trip,” says Sven Henkel. The Professor of Marketing in Wiesbaden comes to the following conclusion: “The manufacturer must ensure that it enables the customer to obtain exactly this unique experience.” The special model “Louvre” is not enough – although DS offers that too. Each of the 182 audio files detail artwork from the museum exclusively in the onboard mouse cinema. But standing in front of the Nike of Samothrace or in front of Veronese’s “Wedding of Canaan” is something completely different. Florian Stilp is happy to answer any questions about the business and history of the palace complex in the heart of the capital: “It is an exceptional event,” says the Doctor of Art History. Usually, the Louvre does not cook extra sausages for VIPs. But DS will still sponsor the world’s largest museum until at least 2025. On a few evenings, customers have the gorgeous galleries to themselves.

The 10 DS flight participants are transported accordingly in the long, empty corridors. Owners of the compact DS3 to the more massive DS7 Crossback SUV admire all the elements of the Kane program – this is more than just the Mona. The opulent luxury of the Louvre across from the museum or the splendor of the many intensive courses a day also fit unmistakably with the French way of life. Solid sports seats and a technically uncooled atmosphere are the world of customer loyalty on the other side of the Rhine. Driver training, for example, is a huge hit in customer programs for BMW and Audi drivers.

Attracting your customers pays off. According to studies of car marketers, the cost of gaining foreign customers is about three times the cost of retaining a previous buyer. So millions of customer loyalty programs are well invested. After all, the competition for tomorrow’s buyers is getting tougher and more global. With Tesla, Polestar, Nio or Lucid, competing young brands from the US and China also want a bigger piece of the premium pie.

Your chances are not bad. When it comes to electric mobility, almost all brands start a bit from the start in a buyers battle. “If you look at the evolution over the past decade, loyalty in the German car market is steadily declining,” says Katharina Wolf, a market researcher from Dataforce. According to their studies, only about 50 percent remain loyal to their brand when buying a new car. The younger the age, the lower the customer loyalty. The idea of ​​Finfast might be drawn to the prospect of a free luxury vacation in Vietnam. This is where the factory has its home – and also owns the conveniently located chain of hotels. Welcome to the club.

On the contrary, the DS relies heavily on the French flair for the products in its stores in Asia in particular – in addition to vehicles there are a number of other “Made in Paris” products in its club range. And in Germany, the brand’s second most important market in Europe, Fatimata Kane won’t stop at two weekends at the museum: she’s scheduled to pay a visit to the Formula E race in Berlin this year. “We’ve taken DS clients to watch artist Christo wrap the Arc de Triomphe — and we always bring surprises to the culinary world,” says Keane. Wholesale champagne, video cocktail courses or French gourmet cans at a preferential price. After all, love goes through the stomach, especially with Francophile clients. in good health.

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