Snake riders celebrate their anniversary

On April 16, 1972, the association was formally incorporated at Rose’s Restaurant by twelve founding members (see information box) about Willie Rudd, the first chairman of the board. After riding in Luxhole and Alte Rothe, the current club premises of the old hunting lodge in Oesterholz can be rented from 1973, where horseback riding has been since. After the groundbreaking ceremony on May 1, 1975, the riding hall and stables were opened in 1977. The entire site has remained relatively unchanged to this day. The course was only repaired in 2008 and the roof was rebuilt last year, with a professional sprinkler system installed. Ensures a solid ground, making the ground more comfortable for horses.

Membership renewal

The club currently offers riding and dash lessons for beginners and advanced every day except Sunday, when three ponies are available. It primarily targets children and youth and aims to facilitate initiation. There are also dressage and ground work courses throughout the year to grow alongside the horse. New Year’s breakfast, Eid games and trips are other activities that should come back after Corona. In recent years, the association has had to focus primarily on renewing its membership, as first president Mike Liebcher stated: “We have been very successful in this thanks to the high commitment of the board of directors. Several children have started with us in recent years, which is why we have a waiting list.”

Work for a hobby

The goal is also to continue to improve the quality of facilities and training courses, which is not always easy, continues Liebsher: “One could overstate that we only go to work to finance our hobby – horse riding. It accompanies us every day, because horses above all need to care and support, for which one has a great responsibility. The members keep the facility in good shape themselves, mow the lawns, fix the fences and weed – all independently funded.” The riders stress time and time again that the health of the horses is paramount.

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happy memories

Members also remember their beginnings in the association—like second president Allen Roth, who has been with us for 28 years now: “I started riding here as a kid through holiday games and making many good friends over the years. . . my memories of the first moment with the horse and on His back is great and it is still there. The sense of teamwork and excitement of passing on my knowledge of horse riding to the kids is the best thing for me.” I once watched a driving championship and thus fulfilled my interest in horses. In 2011 I volunteered after that and was able to establish my first relationship with horse riding. This has changed dramatically over time, because in the early years the male members were mainly part of the association.

Celebration in September

In terms of events, the WBO Championship is scheduled for April 23-24, and it’s geared towards beginners in particular. There you must breathe the air of the first tournament and gain experience. The annual general meeting comes on April 30th. Finally, on September 3 and 4 there will be a dressage and showjumping tournament for classes E to M, after which the anniversary will be celebrated the weekend of September 10. A tent will be erected for an expected 200 guests, where music, dancing and food will take place as well as a review of the club’s history using past photos and videos. If you want to make an impression about the club, you can find out more on the website:


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