The danger of salmonella in sudden eggs – in Switzerland, more and more food is withdrawn

More and more food is being withdrawn in Switzerland

A few days before Easter Sunday, Ferrero has to recall several product lines, including chocolate candy.

What happens to the surprise eggs and chocolate candy that Ferrero must remember?

Buitoni also had to recall a product due to the health consequences: a frozen pizza by Fraîch’Up. How is Switzerland affected?

How strict is Switzerland when it comes to food recalls?

What are the reasons why companies are increasingly remembering articles and groceries on their own?

If Swiss consumers get sick after eating certain foods: is there a right to compensation?

Consumer advocate Sarah Staller makes hard evidence of food poisoning for consumers.

Where can Swiss consumers report if they want to complain about a product or if health problems arise?

In what cases do the Swiss authorities ever get involved?

What types of safety notices are there in Switzerland?

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