A new creative community about love

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A new creative community about love

Photographer Stephanie Bars of Kirschwerder specializes in children and family photography. Pale colors prevail in her new loft studio.

Photo: Lena Diekmann/BGZ/Diekmann

Photographer Stephanie Bars and wedding planner Sandra Hansen moved into the Naturwerkstatt barn in Kirschwerder.

Hamburg. Rustic wood beams and warm wood floorboards punctuate glass and metal walls: “It’s a mix of industrial and rustic,” he explains. Stephanie BarsShe guides us through the spacious new studio upstairs. The Photographer From Kirchwerder it can now be found at Kraueler Hauptdeich 161. And it’s not alone there: the basement of the former beet storage facility has been around for about four years Nature’s workshop in Hamburg resident. Sandra Heitmann and Heike Pflug specialize in arranging occasions flowers, decorating many weddings or even funerals – all naturally with no glitter, plastic foil or colorful bouquets.

A wide staircase made of wood and metal leads upstairs, where wedding planner Sandra Hansen has set up an office, as well as photographer Stephanie Bars’ studio. “We are such a creative community,” Stefanie Baars says. The work of the four women fits together perfectly in theme, as they are all about love in the broad sense. “Together we can achieve many things that you cannot achieve on your own,” said Stephanie Bars.

On March 26, visitors can see the new rooms

When Naturwerkstatt Hamburg moved to Kraueler Hauptdeich 161 four years ago, Stefanie Baars became the next tenant in Süderquerweg. But the photographer found it very small in the store’s 60 square meters. But she doesn’t want to be in the middle of the pedestrian zone. Prefer something secluded where your clients can relax and let themselves go. She has now found such a place in Krauel – and she has almost tripled the size of her studio.

It’s not a dark studio, but a room flooded with light. There are many decorative items such as stuffed animals, toys, as well as furniture such as beds and sofas, all of which are very low-key, with soft, earthy tones, predominantly white and gray. Because even if Stefanie Baars shoots a wedding or is booked for a business shoot, it is mainly dedicated to families and especially their youngest members. Stephanie Bars knows: “Children give you a lot of positive things.” Looking back, she knows that at times helped her emotionally get through the pandemic.

There will be an informal meet and greet on Saturday, March 26th

Its clients no longer come only from Hamburg and the surrounding area, but also travel from Flensburg or Hanover to shoot. Among them are an increasing number of returning customers, says Stephanie Bars happily. Quite a few will come every month to capture the first part of their child’s life with pictures. Others come twice a year or book a solo photo session.

You don’t have to book right away to see the new rooms: on Saturday, March 26, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., there will be an informal “meet and greet” opportunity with Stephanie Bars and Sandra Hansen.

“Always nicer in person with coffee and cookies”

Sandra Hansen of Kirchwerder started her own business as a wedding planner in the summer of 2020. Whether it’s suggestions for celebration locations, décor, flower arrangements, contact cake makers and car rental companies – Sandra Hansen organizes everything so that couples’ wedding isn’t just the best day of their lives .

In her comfortable office with a seating area, she can not only make some decoration suggestions for the couples, but also get to know the future spouses. “It’s always better to have coffee and cookies in person,” Sandra Hansen says. After all, you’ll get a lot better for people, explains the wedding planner.

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