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If you’ve played Monopoly before, you know how satisfying and addictive buying and upgrading your possessions can be. There’s something exciting about working to get a matching set, building hotels, and feeling the adrenaline rush when an opponent lands on the Rue de la Paix.

Monopoly has been around since 1935, but the way you play it hasn’t changed much since then. Sure, we can play Monopoly on our smartphones now, along with similar games like Risk and Civilization, but our enthusiasm and drive to win these games is the same as it was more than 80 years ago.


Created by three friends, Ben Kaltenbaek, Roland Lamidieu and Lucas Odion, this app was launched in early October 2019. Revolt Games, publisher of the Neopolis video game, now has more than 15 full-time employees and many people who bring their knowledge to the project, which you can find it here: Neopolis on LinkedIn.

Newland team

Download Neopolis for free from her website To your smartphone: a GPS-based mobile game with over 1.5 million downloads in just five countries, France and Great Britain, that turns cities into giant game boards. It is possible to purchase prestigious monuments such as the Eiffel Tower or the shops on the ground floor. In the world of Neopolis, you can become a wealthy landlord or be elected to the government of your territory. Neopolis reconnects the residents of the same city through the game. Players organize to invest, bargain, form alliances and even get elected to their region’s government.

Last September there was a large fundraiser from $2.8 million Superior. This first round of funding, Level-up, a mobile gaming investment fund, brought together BPI France and entrepreneurs from the gaming and technology sectors: Thibaut Elzière, Hubert Thieblot, Eduardo Ronzano, Julien Romanetto.

Today, Web3 is changing the game paradigm. Instead of fighting for game resources and winning in one game, Web3 allows us to create games with real results in long-term timeframes. Now imagine a game like Monopoly, but instead of playing with playing money on the game board in front of you, you play the entire planet for real income, and that’s what Neoland offers you.

Neopolis is now the gateway to its WEB3: Neoland edition.

Neoland is the first game on the Solana blockchain based on a “play and win” mechanism based on real-world mapping.

Any user can acquire land (Neoland) in the form of NFTs and develop their activity there. Land owners earn tokens based on this activity. Each country covers an area of ​​737,000 square meters in the real world. Land owners have a list of structures and events that they can contribute to increasing appeal and generating income from their land. Neoland will begin selling 10,000 Landpasses (NFTs) at a fixed price of $25 in Solana’s cryptocurrency ($SOL) sometime in April.

Newland Maps

The coins will be minted on Thursday, April 21 for the original NFT or Whitelist holders fractionsto On the operator panel of the same name.

The public sale will take place the next day, Friday, April 22nd!

In order to get the “whitelist”, a detailed system of quests and treasure hunts will be made in Neopolis in the coming days. This makes it possible to create an intelligent connection between the Web2 community and the Web3 community. Mobile gamers can already see this undeniable advantage by having a few hints about Neoland. A way to discover the game and prepare for the last launch to improve his land.

By creating a virtual layer on top of the physical world, Neoland allows anyone to invest in plots using data from the real world, hence the big difference with its main competitors who only own the Metaverse part that promises futuristic games… So it’s a real difference and strength that will bring an economy Sustainable and healthy to the Néoland game.

Having Neoland also means:

  • New way to earn money: All earnings from ads and microtransactions are shared with game owners.
  • New way to play: Players can invest and develop Neolands to improve their popularity and earn more income. A game inspired by Simcity or Tycoon but with real people.
  • A new way to own your favorite game: The owners of Neolands and Neotokens are allowed to influence the future of the game and make decisions.

Create the world of Neoland

This is how they make a unique world with two ways to play:

  • Free to play mobile mode game where you swap real buildings.
  • Play and win mode where the real land trades.

In the past few months, we’ve seen several Web3 communities with real estate and business goals. subordinate Flyfish Club It is a restaurant owned and operated and frequented only by NFT owners in the community. paradise club It is in the process of buying and operating a network of apartments, clubs and other properties around the world. jnar group Attempts to build a collection of community-owned ski resorts and retreats. The common point between these initiatives is that they have both physical and viable properties that we can relate directly to Neoland properties.

Neoland is also well supported, you can find team members on their website: Newland . site

Thistle and derivative markets for Newland real estate

Finally, if we consider Newland land purely financial instruments, there are a large number of possibilities. They can split the most popular real estate into shares or tokens so that more people can access their earnings. Imagine owning a part of a popular neighborhood in Paris or New York that generates revenue through multiple games, apps, and businesses. Then they can create markets, options, and futures contracts for those properties so that people can trade on a fully liquid exchange.



Neoland is the product of the new possibilities Web3 offers combined with their passion for gaming and competition. By building the first virtual layer of land ownership over the physical world, they are creating a new ecosystem with the potential for physical, virtual, web2 and web3 opportunities. Building on the launch and growth of Neopolis, we are just beginning to lay the foundations for what’s possible with Neoland and Neoverse. We’re seeing first a “play-to-win” game that establishes a close connection to Web2, and then Web3 in the real world, as we see in Waze or other apps…

Neoland can be found on social networks here:

Last updated on April 15, 2022

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