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One color poster follows the next along the Köpenicker Strasse in Berlin. “Bright Moments Presenting NFT Art Berlin” is written in large letters above the artwork, which has been reduced to a few pixels. Including some names like Boreta, Holger Lippmann and Tom Sachs.

NFT Art Berlin has been fascinating its visitors for a week now. We were there taking you behind the scenes of Germany’s largest crypto art fair to date.

Synthesis of art and electronic music

The site already displays the questions of the organizers bright moment Want to respond with the gallery:

What is driving this new technology? Is it the culture? Is the community that is formed around it? Or is it capitalism?

Bright Moments website

Already at the entrance to the former Berlin Heat and Power Station, this turns out to be a fashionable event: insanely dressed young men are standing in front of the entrance, smoking, drinking and enthusiastically talking about the latest blockchain technologies and crypto art trends. Electronic music is playing inside the huge hall, screens are flashing everywhere, and at first you don’t even know where to look.

The exhibition extends over three floors. There could have been room for 18 stories in the power plant, and that’s how high the ceiling is. At the bottom of the building, more than 50 high-resolution screens were suspended from the countless reinforced concrete beams of the cogeneration plant. Screens are teeming with fascinating objects from distant galaxies and constantly intertwined abstract shapes. Each of these NFT artworks has already been mined and an owner has been registered on the blockchain. Experts from Bright Moments curated these contemporary artworks especially for exhibition in the capital.

Bright Moments NFT

The organizer’s collection Bright Moments from Los Angles is also located on the ground floor. One of the big advantages of digital art is that expensive works are effortless. It can be easily displayed on any screen around the world. Works of art that are more expensive over physical products, such as canvases, are usually packaged in airtight and dark packaging due to their age and across.

The American Art House opened its first gallery in Los Angeles last April
angles. It all started with three screens on a nonstick wall. The group organized around the young company itself with the help of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). “No one expected such success in such a short time,” said Jonas Goldstein, co-founder of the company. Today, Bright Moments still love displaying their artwork in front of bare walls. Only these walls are now meters high and are part of the most breathtaking site in the world. Across Venice Beach (Los Angeles), the startup headed to New York, then Berlin, then London. Goldstein tells us that major cities such as Seoul, Hong Kong, and Tokyo are also planned.

NFT Exclusive Club

One of the reasons for its success is that the company’s NFTs are also a ticket to the community (DAO). For example, the 1,000 community members from New York – called CryptoNewyYorker in the scene – are entitled to mine one of the 300 CryptoBerliners issued by the company. A lot of money flows into the company. “We are investing money from sales here,” Goldstein explained, pointing to the huge NFT Art Berlin poster at the entrance to the power plant. “We don’t put it in our pockets,” he said firmly.

Another 300 CryptoBerliner NFTs are simply given away. So you want to open up a really exclusive art community for other people. A person who hasn’t had any contact with the topic yet is thinking twice about whether he should Golden Token Berlin you buy. Just buying this token, which currently costs about 1 ether, equivalent to about €2,800, qualifies you to buy NFT from the Berlin group or CryptoBerliner. Purchase is only possible on site at NFT Art in Berlin. Having one of these NFTs means inclusion in the DAO community. Within this community you have some exclusive benefits and you can buy additional CryptoCitizens – ie NFTs from other cities.

Cryptography Source: BTC-ECHO / Jonas Opperman

Live minting of NFT . coins

A special part of NFT Art Berlin is Live Minting. Gold token holders can meet and exchange ideas with exhibiting artists in a private room. Here the token is replaced and an NFT artwork token is generated in front of the visitors. However, at that point the visitor had not yet seen his artwork purchased from NFT. To do this, he must exit the VIP room and enter the beam of light on the third floor of the gallery.

NFT Art Berlin
NFT Art Berlin. Source: BTC-ECHO / Jonas Opperman

Upon entering the precinct, NFT artwork will be displayed on the giant screen in the main hall for the first time. The artist’s electronic music plays in the background Burrita. Each CryptoBerliner is tied to a unique music loop as well and is generated on site by code – a successful fusion of the digital and real worlds.

symbolic music

At a quarter to ten, all the screens on the ground floor suddenly became black. Shortly thereafter, the Bright Moments logo appears. Crowds ascend the stairs to the third floor, which is now open not only to gold token holders, but to everyone. They gather in front of the big screen in the main hall. The countdown begins. For the next 30 minutes, a white moving bar rotates on the screen in front of about 1,000 spectators. The focus should be on the music. The work is shown here Einstein on the beach such as NFT.

Techno and CryptoBerliners

Then, all CryptoBerliners mined users will be presented with the unique music episode during the evening once again. Here and there a group of young people cheering when CryptoBerliner appears on the screen. It’s crazy to be happy with a broken image of 3000 euros. But ecstasy isn’t just about getting the picture, it’s feeling like you’re part of the bright moments community.

Evening ends. The NFT community dances, drinks and talks lively. A Detroit DJ works to keep the audience pumping techno late into the night.

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