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Easter must be spent with family and friends. Unfortunately, life is not a musical request, so the reality often does not live up to expectations. However, that shouldn’t stop us from putting a smile on the faces of family and friends with our best Easter wishes. We’ve got plenty of creative ideas — and even background information about Easter itself to brag about.

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How are eggs, bunnies and Easter related

No, we don’t celebrate the Easter bunny. Traditionally it is a commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But regardless of religious beliefs, Easter is a time of joy, Easter eggs, and school holidays. But how old is the story of the famous Easter bunny that brings colored eggs?

The first mention of the Easter rabbit can be found in the writings of German professor of medicine Georg Frank von Frankenau. In his work “De ovis paschalibus” in 1682, the doctor wrote for the first time about “Easter eggs”: “In the southwest of Germany, in our homeland in the Palatinate, in Alsace and in Westphalia, Easter eggs are called rabbit eggs. Simple people and little children are deceived into Believing that the Easter Bunny hatches these eggs and hides them in the garden in the grass, in the bushes etc., they want the boys to look for them with more eagerness for their pleasant laugh.Nevertheless Old Man Hass passed his three hundredth birthday long ago.

The most beautiful Easter greetings to send

All-inclusive WhatsApp Easter greetings fall into this category. Whether with or without a rhyme, for longer or shorter, for colleagues, family or children – here you can find the right funny saying of Easter for every occasion:

  • Spring is already crouching in the bushes, I greet you and wish you, with the best weather, a very happy Easter!
  • We wish you a nice Easter and we hope the Easter Bunny will leave something here too.
  • We wish you all the best for the upcoming Easter celebrations. And peace be upon the uncle, aunt and other relatives
  • We wish you a Happy Easter and a full Easter! Colored eggs and chocolate bunnies lying on the lawn for sure.
  • All the best, I wish you only the best for Easter! Above all, I hope it brings joy and relaxation!
  • Hunting for Easter eggs is part of many Easter celebrations. If you’re seriously looking at green grass, you’ll also get a bit of an Easter bunny! 🐰
  • We are looking for many beautiful colored eggs to celebrate Easter.
  • The colorful Easter grass is a greeting from the Easter Bunny.
  • What’s that jumping in the green grass, baby, it’s the Easter bunny. He quickly hides egg after egg and there’s one for you too! 😘
  • I wish you a full Easter nest for Easter
  • Enjoy discovering the colorful extravaganza that Rabbit brought to the garden.
  • The Easter bunny, who cannot rest, is full of paws. So he sends you my best regards in a jog
  • The Easter bunny, blessed, lays adorable Easter eggs. We wish you – you’re most welcome – as much as you can!
  • Easter is wonderful. I wish you success in all respects. That should include my best wishes for the Easter Bunny! 🐇
  • Colorful eggs, spring breezes, sunshine and the scent of barbecue. Joy of the soul and peace of the feast, all this gives you!
  • Lots of Colorful Easter Eggs Celebration of Colorful Easter Wishing you all this and more from the bottom of my heart.
  • Easter crafts and colorful eggs brightens the time until Easter, until then I wish you the best!
  • I wish you a big booty for Easter today. If eggs taste delicious, you can lick your mouth
  • A little rabbit approached me and shoved me with his nose. Many Easter greetings to my sweetheart via SMS

Funny Easter Greetings for WhatsApp and Co.

Easter, as a rule at least, is a time of cheer. Even if the weather isn’t incessant, the brightly colored eggs and enthusiastic looks of kids ensure a healthy dose of joy. Funny WhatsApp greetings on Easter will put a smile on even the most curious of people:

  • I’ll give you an Easter egg, if you break it you’ll have two
  • This is an Easter egg message. Put your phone on silent, get out, and throw your phone away, away. Enjoy searching
  • Although Easter is not May, it is still a three day holiday. With the desire to enjoy it I would like to end this greeting now
  • This is an Easter egg via WhatsApp. Here’s how it works: Switch the cell phone to silent mode, then go outside and throw the phone away. Enjoy searching. Happy Easter Holiday
  • Is there a bunny coming to the baker… do you have a carrot cake? …no, I’ll save you a bad bunny joke and have a happy Easter!
  • Merry Christmas! Sorry, you haven’t changed the clock to daylight saving time yet.😂
  • Why is the Easter bunny considered the poorest animal in the world? Carrying his tail from behind, he has to hide his eggs and is allowed to come only once a year.
  • It’s finally Easter time. It’s getting warmer. The Easter bunny is also ready and will soon be poorer because of the many eggs
  • Very happy holidays! And enjoy all the beautiful days of Easter! Enjoy the time to the fullest! Please don’t spoil your stomach! 🍫🤗
  • Not only do I know that daffodils don’t ring at all and rabbits don’t bring eggs, but you do too. My condolences, this greeting: Happy Easter!
  • splash! You have just been exposed by a cell phone Easter egg! Welcome to the easter egg battle for cell phone. Please keep throwing it and happy holidays
  • Hello? I’m a curse letter to the Easter bunny. Kiss me three times long and your phone will turn into an Easter fairy
  • You have to be very strong now: Santa does not exist! The Easter Bunny is coming soon. Happy Easter Holiday!
  • On Easter I have no mercy and I eat Easter bunnies made of chocolate
  • We wish you a nice Easter holiday; With eggs and candy and all that stuff
  • Every year the same thing: the Easter bunny brings eggs and puts them among the flowerpots – no one finds them, it smells bad.

Easter quotes for couples

Valentine’s Day is already over, but a little romance and love can’t hurt on Easter either. The best WhatsApp Easter greetings for couples ensure the right mood:

  • Despite the many competition at Easter: you are the cutest bunny for me! 😘
  • You are the color splash in my gray everyday life! Happy Easter Holiday!
  • When the little Easter bunny comes, he pushes you with his nose, stands on his hind feet and says Happy Easter.
  • Send a colorful chocolate greeting and a sweet sun kiss because I really like you – have a nice Easter day!
  • Will you come visit me today, we can search together for eggs. I miss you so much, please come to me quickly
  • It’s Easter! Let’s jump until our ears fly
  • Easter is here and Easter there, I wish I was so close to you! Easter is here and there life is hard for me without you!
  • Kiss jumps happily over the mobile phone – gently and delicately. With this Easter greeting I say to you: I miss you!
  • Hey baby, despite all the competition at Easter, you’re the best bunny for me

International Easter Greetings

It doesn’t matter if you have friends and family abroad, speak many different languages ​​or just want to add a little variety to your Easter greeting message and make it short: How about an Easter greeting in a foreign language? Here’s a little combo that says “Happy Easter!”:

  • Einglish: Happy Easter Holiday!
  • French: Joyeuses pâques!
  • Spanish: Phyllis Pasquas!
  • Dutch: Vrolijk pasen!
  • Italian: Bona Pasqua!
  • Portuguese: Feliz Pascua!
  • polishing: Wesolych Swiat Wielkanocnych!
  • Danish: Glædelig påske!
  • Swedish: happy påsk!
  • Finnish: Hyväää pääsiäistä!
  • Norwegian: Gledelig påske!
  • Croatian: my secret Uskrs!
  • Czech: Veselé Velikonoce!
  • Turkish language: Pascalia Piramenes Cutlu Olsson!

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