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Erotic movies are now a huge part of Netflix – and we can’t get enough of productions playing with steamy sex scenes, physical attraction, and great romance! To give you an overview of the movies worth watching, we’ve rounded up our favorite movies for you.

Top 7 Sex Movies on Netflix

Through my window – I only see you

Spanish Netflix is ​​about teens Raquel and Ares, who are neighbors but not related to each other. What Ares Don’t Know: Raquel has been secretly in love with him for a long time. When he hacks her WiFi one day and finds out how you feel about him, an emotional connection arises between the two. Unlike Raquel, Ares finds it difficult to hold on to his feelings, which is why the two are getting closer to each other more and more. A game that is sure to create a great atmosphere…

If you are a fan of the After series, you will definitely love Through My Window. There is currently speculation as to whether the Netflix thriller will get a sequel – that has yet to be officially confirmed.

365 days

With sex scenes that looked real, “365 Days” quickly became known as the hottest version of “Fifty Shades of Gray”, and saw a real buzz on Netflix and stayed in the top ten for weeks. The story has it all: In the movie, the plot revolves around Laura, who is kidnapped while on vacation in Sicily and held by a mafia boss who gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. Little by little, Laura and Massimo get closer and develop an intense relationship between them, which, starting from their meeting, must overcome some difficult challenges.

When it comes to the erotic movie 365 Days, opinions are divided – some love it, some are less enthusiastic. Those who enjoyed the controversial story can look forward to a sequel: Part Two releasing on Netflix on April 27, 2022.

blue is a warm color

French love drama based on the graphic novel of the same name by Julie Marouh and about a lesbian love story. The focus is on 15-year-old Adele, who falls in love with blue-haired art student Emma. When the two girls meet and become close emotionally and physically, they not only have to confront their newfound feelings, but also the opinions of those around them who stand in the way of their love.

Although “Blue is a Warm Color” is a few years old – more specifically from 2013 – it’s still totally worth watching today and its plot clearly stands out from other Netflix series and thrillers.


This Netflix thriller focuses on an open relationship: Gabe and Martin meet through a dating app and quickly realize there’s a spark between them. However, while they remain in a committed partnership, differences gradually emerge, and they eventually deceive each other. But rather than give up on their love, Gabe and Martin choose to open up their relationship and tell each other about their adventures with other women and men to keep their sexuality alive.

In a world full of non-binding histories, ‘Modernity’ is definitely one of our favorite thrillers. The production not only contains hot scenes, but also provides exciting insights into the open partnership model.

Fifty Shades of Grey

“Fifty Shades of Gray” is definitely a classic among the thriller movies on Netflix and shouldn’t be missing from our favorites list! It is adapted from the novel of the same name by E.L. James and tells of literature student Anna who meets charismatic entrepreneur Christian Gray during a university project. Although she didn’t love him at first, he suddenly kept showing up in her life – until feelings developed between the two of them. However, it soon turns out that Christian does not have a normal relationship in mind, but loves BDSM games and wants to show Anna his world of sexual pleasure.

There are three parts to “Fifty Shades of Gray”, all of which have caused uproar, horror, and excitement. Netflix currently only has the first part on display.


The popular drama is about 40-year-old Joe who suffers from a sex addiction. One day, when she is beaten in the street and rescued by a man and carried to his four safe walls, Joe tells him her whole life story. Beginning with her first sexual experience, “Nymphomaniac” uses many flashbacks to show Joe’s many affairs and all the dramatic experiences she had during her past illness.

In addition to “Nymphomaniac,” you can also find the sequel to the movie on Netflix. If you like sophisticated drama with depth, we can highly recommend it.

White girl

White Girl is the story of Leah, a college graduate in New York who is training for a magazine. When she meets Dealer Blue with her habitual drug addiction and begins an affair with him, she finally gets into his business and begins supplying cocaine to her upper-class colleagues. Gradually, Leah dives deeper and deeper into her world, gets closer to her boss and plunges into a whirlpool of parties, sex and drugs. Until one day Blue was suddenly arrested and left sitting on his things…

While the 2015 Netflix erotic drama features plenty of sex, humiliation, and violence, it also has sensitive moments that make it a must-see.

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