Bulldog on Blockchain: Buy an NFT and get a real puppy

Bullishly Bred has released an NFT kit with which you can buy a live puppy.

Recently, Bullishly Bred launched the NFT project, claiming to be taking an entirely new approach. The Bullishly Bred is the first of its kind and includes a total of 9 NFTs. Each NFT represents a true French Bulldog. Co-founder Nicole Harrison is the owner of Ethical Frenchie and explains: “This sets a new standard in dog breeding where genealogical heritage can be completely set on the Ethereum blockchain. Through ledger technology, the kennel community now has the ability to show the purity of a dog’s lineage and life history.

NFTs can be purchased with cryptocurrency and serve as proof of ownership, which also correlates with representing the pup in the Metaverse.

NFT useful

Harrison explains that property history, medical records, genetic data, pedigree and various images are stored in the NFT. “This means that ownership can be established through the NFT if your dog is lost or stolen. It also allows health information to be given to veterinarians and a dog’s genetic history can be checked upon breeding.”

However, one does not get a puppy outright once they purchase an NFT. “Because it is a living being, it was before screening process it is necessary. An interview is conducted to ensure that the new owners are one Responsible family Acts and the family is ready to accommodate the animal. If a post-auction inspection determines that the owner is unable to care for the puppy, the NFT must be reset or sold. Then the new owner has to undergo an examination.” After the purchase is completed, the nanny will arrange a day with the buyer to personally deliver the puppy.

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Bulldogs on the blockchain: world first

The company explains: “This is The first time you can buy a dog with cryptocurrency. The data is stored on the blockchain and cannot be tampered with. We chose the French Bulldog because it is one of the most desirable breeds in the world. However, this breed also has the most corruption in terms of upbringing and registration.”

So Bullishly Bred hopes that NFTs will solve this long-standing problem. Because outdated procedures for dog breeding and owner registration can be improved. “Today there is much fragmentation among the hundreds of breed clubs and animal records that exist today. Unfortunately, their uniqueness is a complete underworld Unscrupulous backyard breeder advanced.”

NFTs تربية breeding

Megan Baraford, co-founder of the new company, says:NFTs have huge potential, but they often serve only guesses. However, the technology behind NFTs can do much more than that. It provides a mechanism for storing information on the blockchain that cannot be tampered with and can be verified at any time. We are now bringing NFTs to the pet industry.”

Harrison has been an active dog breeder for over a decade and advocates for one moral education a. want with her Solve health problems before they arise and the Increase the life expectancy of animals. “Bullishly Bred also plans to develop a comprehensive pet exchange where all dog breeds can be registered including designer breeds such as the Sheepadoodle and even Merle. Through the NFT project, the kennel will be completely restructured – it will become open, transparent, decentralized and inclusive of all dogs and humans. Also, no There is censorship in this system and everyone can access it for free.”

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