Cardinal Wilkie at the papal mass on Easter Sunday

Before the Archbishop, after the festive papal mass on Easter, bestowing the papal blessing with general indulgence, Cardinal Walkie addresses the congregation again with a winning smile. “It is not always easy for us,” he begins and adds after a short pause, “with ourselves and with the church as well. But we are striving for the best message that exists in this world, and that is the gospel,” which is not just a thing or a book, he explains, but Person: Jesus Christ. “For him, the Risen One, it is worth continuing,” Woolki asserts. “Because who has such a letter? Who is such a letter?” Called to the cathedral. “Who is life, who is happiness, who is love par excellence. What does everyone long for more than happiness, than acceptance, than love? In him we find all things perfect.”

Then he implores his listeners to live as Easter people and to bear witness to this life – not only on this Easter day, but throughout life: as people full of hope, as willing ones where there is death to attend. Life, where there is strife, hatred and war, to bring peace, reconciliation and mercy – and with it life. “Because as Christians we are the people of life,” the cardinal emphatically affirms.

Cardinal Walkie

“When people focus on the risen Christ and thus on their personal resurrection in the future, they are shielded from the cruel desire for power, profit, property, and greed.”

He had previously mentioned in his sermon God’s promise that “life does not end with death, but leads from the door of death to resurrection and eternal life.” “It gives meaning to our lives and even our death,” says Woolki. “This hope really shapes and defines our lives.” Where people focus on the risen Christ and thus on their future personal resurrection, they will be shielded from the relentless desire for power, profit, property, and greed. “You will be freed from all the enslaved idols of our time, which are characterized by death and ultimately lead to death. You will be free to God, free to your neighbor, and free to a perfect human life.”

Woolki says that Easter, the resurrection of the Lord, is not just an event that occurred 2,000 years ago in the past, but also in the present and continues until the end of the world, even if the word “truly the Lord” transcends human language and imagination, which orients itself towards seeing, hearing, feeling, touching and experiencing . “Our perception is determined by the reality we experience. But the reality of the Risen Lord is something entirely new. It is of a completely different kind than anything accessible through our experience,” he explains. “We only realize what this new thing is when we come into contact with the Risen Lord, when we are allowed to touch Him – as the apostles did at that time. When he comes to them on Easter morning, he shows them his hands and feet with nail polish so that they may see: this is truly !”

Cardinal Walkie

“God is running, endowed with soul. “

The women who visited the tomb on Easter morning also had this amazing experience, as did the disciples of Emmaus, who placed their faith in Jesus but saw their hopes disappointed after his death, only to be led into a divine reality entirely new for them to become. And last but not least, Paul, whose encounter with the Risen One brought him not only from the saddle, but from the way of his life. “It drives him out of the tribulation of the law into the freedom of the children of God, into life with Christ. Paul becomes a new man, the Easter man. And he begins a new life.”

Thus, everyone who comes into contact with the risen Lord deals with God being God. In the Risen God, let us realize that He is life and gives life. “Life is a flow that gives itself away,” says Woolki. On Easter, he took the crucified Christ into his eternal life with God, which was infinitely flowing with love. This indicates what he intends to do with everyone. “He wants to fill us all with his life in Christ, and ultimately with himself, so that we can live with him forever. He will be with us just as he was with Jesus. What will happen is what happened in Jerusalem at Easter happened to Jesus. It will be when the dead are raised. Christ.” is the first, and then you and you and it follows, ‘The Archbishop addresses his audience very directly, before adding, ‘And I hope so will I.’

Cardinal Walkie

“We do not know our future, but we know much more: we know our purpose. And that goal is the resurrection.”

He continues: “We don’t know our future, but we know much more than that: we know our purpose. And that goal is the resurrection. And that goal is – mine – Easter. This is what my life is about support, guidance, strength, joy and ultimately hope.” Because everyone who knows about Easter cannot despair,” Walkie quotes evangelical theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer. It is precisely this hope and confidence in life that he wishes to everyone on this Easter morning with all his heart, and the Cardinal ends his sermon. He really did, yeah, he really did! “

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