How appropriate is this sport?

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Exercise and sports are especially important for kids in many ways, but what about parkour? We are happy to tell you exactly and when it is appropriate.

What exactly is parkour?

In short, you can call it obstacle course Describe. Without outside help, you will just try to get from A to B using your body, on your way to overcoming many obstacles. Not only does this run require physical skills, but it also means creatively making your way to the finish line. There is absolutely no competition in this sport, it is more about it social communication and team experience.

Why is Parkour especially suitable for children?

Parkour is a sport that especially challenges and encourages children. So it is not only about making your own decisions about how best to overcome any obstacle in parkour, but also greatly strengthening it. Flexibility As well as flexibility. Children learn to use and sometimes strengthen their reflexes Self-awareness By successfully overcoming various obstacles that stand in their way. Since children naturally enjoy discovering new things and this along with a lot of exercise, they can develop a great deal of joy in this sport. Children quickly learn to use their bodies appropriately for the situation, in which case, they can use their bodies Live your freedom of choice without any worries.

Are you looking for a sport for your child? Let yourself be inspired by our video, perhaps there is something interesting for you:

At what age can children practice parkour training?

already with Seven years You can accompany your child to parkour and assess whether it can be a suitable and appropriate sport. If kids already play sports and do gymnastics or ball sports on a regular basis, they will be able to find their way to beat parkour faster than less fit kids. Parkour generally needs Feeling good in the bodywhich is encouraged. The same with strength, balance and coordination – these skills are necessary to start the sport and therefore gradually train.

How dangerous is this sport?

Of course, there is also the risk of various parkour injuries from jumps, which are often the result of overrate be. So that a foot sprain does not occur in the first place, it is advised to start with caution and under the supervision of a coach. Children cannot properly assess their limits at first and the muscle groups required to master this sport are not yet mature enough. So it is recommended to get one oriented parkour group To reach out and get advice before starting as well as approach with caution.

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Where is Parkour?

There are now real cities in the big cities parkour clubsthat you can join. The number of parkour halls where this sport can be practiced professionally is also increasing. But also, for example, in the forest, natural and adventurous obstacle courses can be designed very easily. Small opportunities can be found everywhere and every obstacle is welcome, whether it is just one Balustrades, wall or tree trunkwhich can be overcome in several creative ways.


We have now revealed to you that parkour is a type of obstacle course, which is also wonderfully suited for youngsters to derive many skills and facets from it. It not only enhances decision-making and flexibility, but also gives you a lot of stamina and sportsmanship. It can also be a great attempt to boost their confidence for shy and reserved children. We are happy to tell you five simple tips on how to strengthen your child’s self-confidence, which you can read here.

What sport is suitable for your child?

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