The squirrel Elvis struggles his way back to life


April 17, 2022 – 9:57 am hour

by Joanna Loda

intimate! A story with a happy ending just in time for Easter. Our colleague Nicole and her dog ran into an injured baby squirrel while walking between them. But can they save it? Particularly in the spring, many walkers discover squirrel chicks that have fallen from the nest. But how can you help if you find one? Here we tell you the warm Elvis story and what to do when you find baby squirrels.

Sami the dog saves the life of little Elvis

Nicole and her dog Sammy were just out for a leisurely stroll in the Cologne park. But here the four-legged friend suddenly becomes a hero! When Sami chases after a crow, he saves the life of a baby squirrel that has fallen from the nest. The little boy, who has since been named Elvis, is lying on the ground badly injured after a crow attack.

Sami and Nicole take care of an injured squirrel.

© Nicole

“At first, I didn’t know who to contact in such cases,” Nicole recalls. Unable to find what she was looking for on the Internet, after a long search, she stumbled upon a voluntary private squirrel sanctuary in Bergisch Gladbach. On the same day, Nicole takes the boy who is fighting for his life there. Here at last help little Elvis.

“The chances of survival were very slim,” she says, cheering for days and receiving updates and photos of the baby squirrel’s condition. Almost miraculously, Elvis survived. After a good fight, he finally reached the mountain after four to five days. He’s also since made a new friend – Johnny, another bastard who found a new temporary home in the sanctuary only a short time later.

Elvis and Johnny

Elvis and his new friend Johnny cuddling together.

© Nicole

This sanctuary saved little Elvis

Gerlind H of the reserve has been loving wildlife for more than 40 years – about ten years ago she has been caring for and releasing injured squirrels. All this takes place in her own apartment and in her garden, where there are many cages and aviaries for hedgehogs and squirrels. Gerlind pays everything out of her own pocket and from her pension. Her own commitment to the animals costs her between 5,000 and 7,000 euros a year. Animals need 180kg of hazelnuts per season alone!

In the spring between March and April and in the summer between May and September, about 200 squirrels are infected – a 24/7 job. In cooperation with a veterinarian, wounds are treated and the health of the squirrels is checked. The little animals are fed up one by one until they can go back to their natural environment.

Baby squirrel found? Here’s what you should do now:

Especially in the spring, people often find young squirrels that have fallen from their nests while walking or under trees. Many like Nicole. What would you do if you found one and what should you think about it? Gerlinde from Bergisch Gladbach Squirrel Aid gives us practical step-by-step instructions and some first aid tips:

  1. Give warmth! The smaller the animal found, the more important warmth. It’s best to hold the baby close to your body, for example. B. Under your own jacket – so you can feel your body heat as you convey security.
  2. Allow to rest: At home, put a hot water bottle in a container (can, cardboard, etc.) and cover it with a towel. Place the animal inside and cover the box with a thin cloth. So you can recover from hardships. Importance: Young squirrels are very sensitive, too much stress can negatively affect their health.
  3. Call Malaz for all other steps.

Additional point of contact: Report to squirrel protection e. V.. This can be accessed around the clock.

There is something else to consider

  • Chipmunks do not suffer from any infectious diseases, especially rabies, according to Squirrel Notruf eV
  • If you find an adult squirrel who is sick or injured, you should wear appropriate gloves or wrap them in a large towel or scarf. Squirrels are flying animals. If they couldn’t escape due to injury or the like, all they could do was instinctively defend themselves with sharp fangs. Therefore, protection from traumatic bite injuries is required!

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