There are 5 types of relationships

Just as everyone is different and their feelings are never the same, relationships can take different forms. Some need constant closeness, some need space, some need community, separated and back together again. The question arises: What types of relationships are there?

There are 5 types of relationships

# trimmer

A relationship is about give and take, compromise, compromise with quirks, and mutual commitment. There are relationships in which the spouses have not yet found each other. Often they do not know each other well or have an ideal idea of ​​\u200b\u200bpartnership, do not want to “limit” themselves and do not want to compromise. This relationship means strong feelings, but it also means the fear of being lost and therefore the inability to make the final decision for the other person.

When family plays a role:

With the most fickle couples, it becomes important to make a decision at the latest when sharing children or wanting to have children. They need a stable environment and the ever-changing decisions regarding the relationship don’t make it easy for the kids.


Arguing is part of every relationship, and sex is in most of them, too. They both often have one special quality: passion. Love is strong and the spouses often appear to others as a strong unit, always supporting each other. The sex is brutal and the couple is adventurous. But disagreements also become more impulsive, although you only mean okay. If both partners are also very stubborn and moody, disagreements usually persist more often, as with anger, but when the disagreement is settled, the love is infinitely great again.

However, it is important here: quarrels should never deteriorate and spouses should not hurt each other verbally or even physically. Such types of relationships are dangerous, not to benefit you and not to have a future.

When family plays a role:

Emotional relationships should become more coherent and calm, especially when having children is a problem. It is not good for a child when the parents argue a lot and then also violently.

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# Creatures of Habit

This term can in no way be understood negatively! Couples who have been in this relationship for a long time, often together for years, know each other inside out and are a well-trained team. They find their own personal rhythm and often live according to the same daily routine. They are well organized as a couple and each has their own personal tasks. This makes the bond between the spouses especially wonderful, but both should make sure to bring a little variety into the relationship.

When family plays a role:

Spouses, feeling that they can master their daily lives very easily, can often organize themselves with children (kindergarten, doctor’s appointments, etc.), but they also have to understand that a child changes life and that a lot will change. Spontaneity is a great asset!

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# independents

It may seem strange to some couples, but others love their free relationship. It doesn’t matter whether you’re still living apart after years and perhaps even while married or whether you’re in an open and not monogamous relationship – there are people who can get to know better a relationship marked by independence and/or by spatial separation (even in distant relationships Term). The only important thing in these relationships is that both partners are equally convinced of this relationship model, if not, then one of them will suffer greatly from the circumstances.

When family plays a role:

If the spouses then decide to have children, then they should think about how to deal with the situation with two families, especially since in many cases this also involves unnecessary additional costs. At the same time, it is also important to make it clear to the child that both parents live together, even if it is not spatial. Open relationships are rarely compatible with children, so a clear decision should be made here.

# Tender Romantics

Whether the couple has been together for many years or just a few months: some like romance and tender gestures, others need them less. Romantics between spouses are distinguished above all by the fact that they are “in love like day one” even after several years of relationship. Of course there is a lot of work behind it, but there are also small romantic moments between them to show love over and over again. Others give something away, while others use small moments of comfort in everyday life for tender kisses, hugs or even sex with each other and are still happy with it after all these years.

However, one should not forget that in the long run these people can push themselves too much. This is why it is so important to talk about each other’s feelings and desires. In addition, one should not forget that there are also couples who cohabit without any physical affinity (sex). They kiss and hug and show their love more through verbal foreplay.

When family plays a role:

Couples who always show their romantic side in their relationship actually have the best qualifications for their roles as parents, because they have an incredible amount of love. But as kids get older and start isolating themselves, these couples tend to cling a lot.

Every relationship is special

Although there are different types of relationships, and many of them can fall into one “category” or another, it is still important to understand that each relationship has something individual about it. They are lovers, their desires, their needs and their dreams. Couples can, should, and should make their own rules, and live their own type of relationship the way they want to. As long as they do not harm each other in any way, they can have a long and happy relationship.

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