6 special dogs and cats and more: these pets desperately need homes


6 special dogs and cats and more: these pets desperately need homes

By Frederic Hauer

Munich – who – which Munich animal shelter Featuring thousands of animals – from dog About the cats To many small animals.

These six animals are waiting for a new home at the animal shelter in Munich. © Editing: Tierheim München

Some can quickly find a new home, others wait years for loving owners.

All the animals presented here have a special story, but this does not make them less worthy of love and care.

The placement process at home has changed as a result of the Corona crisis. Visitors are no longer allowed to enter the site without an appointment.

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Fun Dog Looking for Special People: Will Sammy Get a Second Chance?

So placements are made by arrangement on the phone.

Fixed telephone times are provided for advice, inquiries and appointments: The kennels can usually be reached daily from 1 pm to 4 pm.

You can find more information on the home page: www.tierschutzverein-muenchen.de.

Amazon Rooster Coco Chantalou

The Amazon Rooster Coco Chantalo has been waiting for a new home at the animal shelter for a year. He was sold with his rooster partner Paco, but unfortunately he died shortly thereafter.

Parrots are flock animals, they urgently need at least one company. That is why we are urgently looking for owners who already have an Amazon chicken or a small flock and can receive Coco Chantallo.

The little feathered man is about ten years old, so he is still young, friendly, a little shy, but very tolerant. And with loving care, patience, and a few kickbacks, Coco Chantallo is quickly tamed.

If you can save Coco Chantallo from feeling lonely, please call the little animal house upstairs at tel: 08992100052, daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Amazon Rooster Coco Chantalo.

The Amazon Rooster Coco Chantalo. © Animal Shelter Munich

Mongrel Taltus

Mixed breed A male Taltos was born in August 2012 and is a neutral. He came to the shelter in March 2015. Unfortunately, after trying to mediate, the male had to return here.

Taltos is compatible with certain species. For the people he knows, he is a lovable, affectionate, friendly companion who is especially willing to learn and care. As he is energetic and sporty, we are looking for regular owners who are already experienced and who keep him occupied both mentally and physically.

Taltos is a good guard dog and defends its territory. When he goes for a walk, he tends to be more relaxed towards strangers.

Practice wearing a muzzle, and master the basics of obedience. Taltos is a gentle and loyal companion who, with good directions, will not leave anything the owner desires.

If you are interested in a graceful companion, you can get acquainted with Taltos by appointment in Kennel 1. Feel free to call us at 08992100026.

Taltos male mixed breed.

Taltos male mixed breed. © Animal Shelter Munich

Cats Astrid and Hicks

Siblings Astrid and Hicks were born around July 2020. The two cats came to the shelter with their mother as found animals.

Astrid and Hicks are still very shy. You have to get used to connecting with people and learn to build trust.

The two cheerful and lively cats do not let themselves be touched yet, if you show them patience, they will certainly overcome their inhibitions and get rid of their shyness after a certain time.

Cats are looking for a quiet home in an apartment without children. There should be a grid attached balcony where they can snooze in the sun.

Find out everything else at Katzenhaus EG at: 089921000825.

Astrid (left) and Hicks.

Astrid (left) and Hicks. © Editing: Tierheim München

Nala cat

The European Shorthair Nala was born around May 2008. It was abandoned because it was impure from birth.

Shy Nala needs a little time to adjust to her new surroundings. But once she gains confidence, she becomes confident and affectionate. Nala likes to hide in caves or under blankets and watch what’s going on around her.

Your quiet new home should also have a grid-connected porch where she can snooze in the sun. This people-oriented and cuddly cat is sure to get along well with elusive kids.

Because of her thyroid disease, Nala is receiving medication, and the nurses are happy to give you more information about this, at tel: 08992100036 in the cathouse.

Nala cat.

Nala cat. © Animal Shelter Munich

Mongrel Baku

A male mixed-breed Paco came to the shelter with three other dogs in July 2020 from another animal welfare organization. Baku was born in July 2013, he is a neutral with a shoulder height of 45 cm. The dog currently weighs about 22 kg.

Unfortunately, the stressed male already had a pronounced behavior and painfully attacked his new owner. Therefore, it can only be given to canine connoisseurs. With his favorite people, he is a charming, attentive and funny companion. However, he also has a stubborn little head and a somewhat self-confident demeanor.

He also loves to show it to his peers. He walks well on a leash and ignores other dogs as long as he is not being bullied.

A male dog should attend a good dog school with his new owner, so that the normal daily routine is organized and organized. With a firm attitude, Baku will certainly become a faithful companion. He has already been trained to wear a muzzle.

Mixed breed should not be given to children or other pets.

If you are interested in Bacu, please call: 08992100056 at Hundehaus 4.

Mongrel Baku.

Mongrel Baku. © Animal Shelter Munich

Mediation is currently taking place at the shelter by phone arrangement.

There are fixed telephone times for consultations, inquiries and appointments: The kennels can be reached daily from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Cover photo: Editing: Tierheim München

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