Book tip: 5 books to read when you’re feeling sad

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5 books to read when you’re sad

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are you sad? Perhaps the following book tips can help you. Here you will find books to rejoice when you grieve the loss of love.

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings and at the same time the most painful. Anyone who has suffered from adenoid disease knows that it is not to be underestimated. Losing someone so painfully can drag us into a pit we can’t easily get out of.

Once your dopamine level goes up when you’re in love, it drops just as quickly after a breakup. Grief, helplessness, and the feeling of not being an active part of this world remain.

What can help against gentle disease?

Warm, comforting words from friends are gentle and can be encouraging. However, not as much as they do Realizing that it will continue. Maybe better than before. Because there is great potential in the disease of love: growth and change. Getting there is a long, and above all, rocky road.

There will always be moments when we mourn the loss of love. Perhaps this grief will be a part of our lives in the future. Is great love measured by the fact that it lasts a lifetime? It is possible to hold one person in your heart forever, but not do anything beneficial to the other in the long run.

So what helps prevent feeling loved? In addition to everyday moments of happiness that create new and beautiful memories, it is she The time we spend with ourselves. With ourselves and perhaps with books.

Which book helps to feel loved?

Whether there is a book that hides the feeling of love in a matter of seconds, I doubt it. But there are many great books out there that show that everything might eventually make sense, help us go our own way, or just distract us by immersing us in strange worlds.

5 books about love

1. Everything I know about love

Author Dolly Alderton finds her way to feeling loved. So much so that she wrote an entire book on the subject. Yet the feeling of love spreads “All I Know About Love” Not the largest room. Yes, it’s about heartbreak, dates, and wild nights. Above all, “All I Know About Love” is one thing: a homage to a friendship that has not earned its neglected reputation as a temporary hiatus between all lovers. So, if you’re lying in bed at home feeling sad and feeling nothing but pain and loneliness, get the book and let it convince you: Far from classic relationship patterns, love is often too close to be exact. get to know him.

2. Summer without men

“Summer without men” Especially suitable if you want to forget your love for at least the length of the book. By the way, the novel encourages you to go your own way. History shows that this is often more satisfying than being in relationships that prevent us from achieving our full potential. After the “interruption” of the marriage, the heroine Mia spends the summer near her mother – without men. How enriching this time is despite the initial difficulties and how much Mia can get to know each other by Siri Hustvedt so captivatingly that you don’t want to leave the book aside.

3. I’d rather not

Tired of constantly looking good in the bad game? Sometimes life is just dumb. And sometimes you can’t be as positive as our advisors always preach. By the way, the phenomenon that relies on gratitude journaling and #goodvibesonly is called toxic positivity. “I’d rather not” Different. It shows that reprimands are permitted, that there is no art without pain, and that the world is not changed by happiness, but by the dissatisfied. So: Embrace the pain, cry when you feel like it, and quit “no better” when the compulsive positivity of worthiness—especially when dealing with a breakup—gets on your nerves.

4. The Big Journey – For Yourself

When we feel love, we ask not only ourselves, but the whole world. What is the meaning of life? There is no love at all – at least that’s what thoughts look like after a breakup. Sheryl Strayed answers questions about love, sex, friendship, work and the meaning of life in “The Great Journey – To Yourself”. If the title sounds familiar, Cheryl Strayed is the author of the bestselling book Wild. But this time, we don’t have to go wild to find ourselves.

5. Beat Love Sickness in 99 Days

Overcome grief in 99 days Sounds like a gratitude diary. But it is not. Helps to get back on your feet after separation. Find yourself again. The book asks the right questions to address the experience and to be the old person again after “99 days” — no, a better version of ourselves.

Want more book tips? Here we have books for grief and books for you to read if you are longing for love.

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