Easter – an unknown or very distant festival of left-wing politicians

Many politicians from the Social Democratic Party, the Greens, the Left and the Union send congratulations on important Islamic holidays via social networks, such as the beginning of Ramadan and the breaking of the fast. It seems that many officials no longer see the need for religious holiday wishes for Christians in Germany.

In the spring of 2022, less than half of the population in Germany belonged for the first time to the Christian Church. But about 49 percent are still members of the Protestant or Catholic Church, despite the ongoing wave of withdrawals. Significantly, he feels more culturally connected to Christianity. So the indifference of prominent politicians to the majority religion in their country is remarkable: many of those who drew attention with huge congratulations to Muslims did not utter a single word on Easter 2022. And when they do, most of them avoid any religious reference.

On April 2, 2022, for example, Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Visser, who is also Homeland Minister, sent emphatic good and religious wishes for Ramadan:

Dear Muslims, I wish you all a blessed time of prayer and reflection, pause, joy and benevolence for the month of Ramadan that begins today! And that you can draw confidence and strength from your faith.”

However, on April 17, Weiser tweeted a general message only, without mentioning “blessed time”, “prayers” or “faith” – and used an image of Easter eggs as an illustration – as if the colored egg shells were primarily symbolic of the Christian festival:

Green politician Renate Konst also considered the symbolism of the egg appropriate for Easter.

In her Ramadan greetings, the politician addressed Muslims of course directly:

New Federal Family Secretary Lisa Bowes (the Greens) saved herself in every Easter message on Twitter, as did Green Secretary of State Annalina Barbock. At the 2021 Islamic Sacrifice Festival, Barbouk tweeted her blessings.

Vice-President of the Bundestag Catherine Goering Eckhart (Green Party), in 2011 after each Evangelical Church Congress president, as well as the wife of former EKD Vicar’s office chief Thies Gundlach, also avoided addressing Christians directly as believers and Christian content of the festival in her East Greetings 2022 for reference. Instead, she tied her post to themes of “war, climate crisis, species extinction, and pandemic,” and chose a photo of herself hiking as an illustration.

On the other hand, her Ramadan wishes on April 2, 2022 included a blessing:

On Twitter, she also identified “an envious controversy over religious holiday greetings” during the days of Easter, and thus immediately provided the correct framework: anyone who criticizes the marked discrepancy between the exuberant greetings of Muslims and the apparent avoidance of senior politicians on Christian holidays for it is not an angry citizen, but an envious person .

Bundestag President Purple Bass attracted attention on Twitter with outright disdain for all Christians. Home to Duisburg, which officially occupies the second highest position in the state, it has been unfashionable since its children’s song went viral on TikTok. At the beginning of Lent, the politician of the Social Democratic Party joyfully sent congratulations to all Muslims and wished them a “Ramadan Mubarak”.

On Easter 2022, on the other hand, the rep sent via Twitter – nothing. After all, unlike 2014 or 2020, she shunned the public in her very own way of celebrating Christian Feast.

Christian Easter greetings are still prevalent in the Union. CDU president Friedrich Merz, for example, tweeted a corresponding message. But they were no longer taken for granted in the ranks of Party C either.

Ismail Tepe addresses Christians frankly:

For example, Tobias Hans, who has just been voted as Prime Minister of Saarland, still sends Ramadan greetings “to my Muslim friends” on April 1.

On Easter, he couldn’t think of anything else on Twitter: Ramadan Greetings is currently his last message on SMS right now after the lost Saarland state election.


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