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“Everything Your Newborn Needs,” “Baby Essentials,” or “Accessory Checklist”: The Internet is full of lists and articles for the perfect first gear. These lists have one thing in common – they are endless! In the midst of the jungle of children’s accessories, expecting parents often ask the urgent question of whether it is really necessary to buy so many different things. Is it not possible to equip your child with more responsibility?

The fact that our children are constantly growing and developing is the main point of designing the FILIBABBA product. New toys and accessories are often needed when newly acquired skills constantly open up new play possibilities for a child. Instead of offering a confusing amount of different products, FILIBABBA focuses on the best quality multifunctional baby gear for the current Spring/Summer collection. In this way, it is possible to design durable accessories that will have a permanent place in the children’s room for a long time.

A good example is FILIBABBA’s Loui Activity Gym, an updated version of the brand’s classic playmat. With soft rope fabric on top and detachable play brackets to hang exciting toys like on a mobile, the rug at first glance seems designed just for newborns. However, the cover that covers all four sides of the play arches quickly transforms the playmat into a small multifunctional tent that is also convenient on the go thanks to the durable fabric on the underside. Outside, the tent protects the baby from the wind and the sun with UV50 + protection and thus makes a specially purchased children’s beach shell unnecessary. In addition, the tent protects the little ones from environmental influences and provides young children with a comfortable place for role-playing games with their adorable toys or dolls. If the cover and playing cards are removed, the rug can be folded into a soft children’s sofa.

The Spring/Summer 2022 collection features many products made from recycled, recycled or recycled materials, as well as textiles made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. All of these initiatives reflect FILIBABBA’s vision of producing in a more environmentally friendly manner, reducing waste and contributing to a more informed consumer behaviour.

In this way, the Danish manufacturer wants to give consumers the opportunity to make more responsible choices.

Spring/Summer 2022 available from 15th April… – With love handmade


FILIBABBA (established in 2014) is known for its beautiful designs, unique entrepreneurial skills, and for launching “Babynest” in Denmark.

The baby’s nest is a soft, round pillow that makes the newborn feel as secure as in the womb.

FILIBABBA’s constant quest to create safe environments for children with exceptional design can be seen in all of the company’s products today, because FILIBABBA always designs from the team’s own experience and in collaboration with a panel of experts. In this way, concrete knowledge of children’s mental and motor development as well as the parents’ perspective and, last but not least, the child’s perspective are a natural part of the design process.

All FILIBABBA products must not only create a sense of safety in the child, but also be safe. That is why FILIBABBA places high demands on quality and safety from concept to nursery. This is especially true of textile production at FILIBABBA, where only 100% organic fabrics certified by GOTS are processed. In order to avoid wasting raw materials in production, FILIBABBA ensures that leftover fabrics are recycled and represented in the collection as bibs and sun hats.

This enables the company to offer products made from responsibly sourced materials, take social responsibility and produce more sustainably.

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