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Toronto, Ont. April 20 2022 Graph Blockchain Inc. (Graph or that company) (CSE: GBLC) (OTC: REGRF) (FWB: RT5A) so pleased Latest updates on company operations so isright Wholly Owned Subsidiaries of New World, Currency Analyzer And Niftable to announce.

Highlights in progress

Graph Blockchain has applied to the exchange for approval to launch a share buyback program. Management believes that the inventory is undervalued. We hope to get approval soon.

Team New World is working closely with Ronaldinho in Toronto to jointly develop nemployment-FUnacceptable To develop NFT tokens. NFT is expected to officially launch in July, with more planned to launch in June once the platform is renewed. New World is working on several other exciting initiatives about which the company will provide more information in the coming months.

We continue to work on the cross Currency Analyzer We expect to submit our application as soon as it is verified financial reports finished. this wHApproximatelyat toM same timePoint is finished, In addition GBLC checked Financial Statements Offers. The development team continues to work on the AI ​​prediction model, which will be updated in several stages. We expect to have a prototype in the near future and possibly start trading some potential cryptocurrencies based on the first indications.

After the successful start of the program One Body Village (OBV) -NFTs Works Niftable I worked closely with OBV to create some initial artwork to be minted in NFTs for sale. We plan to release our next OBV NFTs over the next few weeks. In addition, she has Niftable Active with many other well-beingleadership associations Talk about the capabilities of NFTs. Niftable Attending the CAGP National Conference on Strategy in June charity The part where you can see a significant increase in DEs the fameDegree from Niftable promises.

We are progressing very satisfied We look forward to keeping our shareholders informed of the latest developments. We are constantly working on these and other exciting projectsShe said Paul HaberAnd CEO of the company.

About Graph Blockchain

The Graph Blockchain offers its contributors exposure to different areas of decentralized finance (Daveme). With a focus on Altcoins By wholly owned subsidiaries of Babbage Mining Corp. , which is proof from Quota miners (“pos”), and behind The Moon Inc. , one on IDO (Initial DEX OffersFocused companies, Graph offers investors exposure to the massive cryptocurrency market of the future with a major technological revolution and potential winnings Altcoins Means. Additionally, by investing in New World, Graph offers its shareholders exposure to the emerging and rapidly growing NFT market. More information about the company can be found at

About New World Inc.

The new world is running booster An NFT company focused on the art of realism gives artists, musicians and celebrities access to the NFT distribution platform to create and sell digital art. By selling digital art, artists can reach a wider market (geographically and demographics), and because of the blockchain, they continue to benefit financially through economic participation in future sales. This platform was built by New World and already has famous artists such as Diogo Snow, who has produced many works for high profile clients such as Drake and Viti WAP, an American rapper, singer, and songwriter who has over 6.5 million followers on Instagram, along with many others. For more information about the New World, see

For more information please contact:

Investor Relations and Communications

Michael Vasil

Paul Haber, CEO


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