Foster family care in case of danger to children

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The Hanover region is looking for foster families in Wiedemark

Widmark.Claudia Weigl of the Hannover-area Child Care and Adoption team, who works at the youth care center in Burgwedel, is also responsible for Widemark. The main thing is to be able to choose among several adoptive parents if necessary and be able to provide the best possible care for the child or children.

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Read more after the announcement

The number of family accommodations in Widmark has been stagnant for years, unlike municipalities such as Burgdorf, which have had to register an increasing number of people being transferred to care and long-term accommodation in foster families or homes during the coronavirus pandemic, adds Anke Schrotter, social service coordinator. public in the Hanover area. But the authority wants to be well prepared for possible situations.

Fortunately, the number of people receiving care – a short-term solution so they can decide on the future of boys and girls in peace – has not increased in years. This involves the question of whether the child can return to the family and under what conditions – perhaps with the help of an outpatient or semi-fixed clinic. If this is not possible, the district decides on ‘external placement’, i.e., placement outside the family.

Family groups do well in Wiedemark

About twice a year, a youth care station should be active with children ages one to six: “Fortunately, we have enough foster parents on call who can also take in siblings,” Weigel says. In the vast majority of cases, permanent housing with immediate family, neighbours, or with a nanny is successful. “The younger a child is, the more likely they are to choose family settings,” Weigel says. In her view, the Widmark region has always been able to find good solutions: “increasingly within the family bond,” she adds. Grandparents or other relatives receive boys and girls so that they do not have to go to other families. “The Widemark area is more rural, and there are still family groups on the site,” she says.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

Sometimes it is relatives who seek to contact the help system through youth welfare offices. Schools and day care centers have also reported to the authorities if they notice problems – and the police have rarely gone through with this, for example in the case of domestic violence. The pandemic with closing schools and daycares has changed nothing about the practice, which has been doing well for years, even if Schrotter, Weigl and their colleagues were initially skeptical. “The number of people being taken into care and accommodation has remained constant,” Weigel says. About ten children and young people have to be taken from their families of origin each year, most of them are young adults who have huge struggles and discussions with their parents.

“Small problems can be solved much faster than big problems”

Describes the emotional state as “from their subjective perspective, they feel they have not been treated properly.” The team takes every young person seriously: “Together we try to find a solution to break the current difficult situation,” says Schrotter. If this does not work for the conversation, a certain period of stay outside the parental home can help. Classic is the young man who calls the police or a rescue control center because he feels that room cleaning is rudeness or care and that the ban on cell phones is a limitation.

Schrotter and Weigl see a clear burden on families in the pandemic – there are also families for whom the less scheduled days with the start of school, day care, appointments with authorities or clubs could have caused less stress. Schrotter suspects that this certainly did not allow some internal family disputes to escalate. However, she is now seeing the growing pressure. Therefore, she appeals to families for help at an early stage. “Small problems can be solved much faster than big problems,” she says.

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