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The range of recreational activities for families in Hof is very diverseA weekend visit is not enough at all. There are places where parents can relax while the kids are off their feet. These places are also the most popular on TripAdvisor Hof sights included. We present some of them, as well as other interesting picnic destinations.

The worlds of water and bathing in Hof

Untreusee in the south of the city: The reservoir, which is about 600,000 square meters wide and surrounded by green nature, provides space for many water sports such as kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and fishing. There is also a beach volleyball court, a basketball court, a mini golf course and a large playground on its banks. Those who like to be active will surely find something to do here. If you prefer bathing with your kids in the natural, soft waters, you will love swimming at Untreusee. The water temperature in summer varies between 19 and 25 degrees. There are many showers with spacious sunbathing areas. Even the children’s bay is clear, as well as one dog bathing beach.

  • More than 700 parking spaces,
  • Health facilities ,
  • There is also a snack bar and a large beer garden
  • Submission is free.

Hoffbad: The “HofBad” with its heated pool and “HofSauna” offers a princess bathing experience. Your kids can let off steam in the 32 degree paddling pool between bouncy stones and aquatic mushrooms. Or plunge into the non-swimmers pool via a 58-meter waterslide and allow yourself to drift off into the wild water channel. There are also delicious French fries in the in-house restaurant!

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Meanwhile, parents can enjoy the Roman Fountain and the warm 30-degree waters of the pool with massage jets, or relax in the 36-degree warm whirlpool. On a cold winter day, you will experience a unique charm when you watch the snow fall in the 32-degree outdoor pool while enjoying swimming and bubbles. A real princely feeling for the whole family.

  • The pool is open from 9 am
  • Minimum Price (valid for 2 hours) – Students: €4.50, Adults: €5.90
  • For longer stays, entrance fees increase.

Hof outdoor pool: Hof’s 50-metre heated outdoor swimming pool (from May to September) offers sports, fun and relaxation for all generations. Kids can dip into the water on the double water slide, or let off steam in the heated paddling pool or on the playground. In addition, team sports facilities for basketball, beach volleyball, table tennis and boccia invite you to compete. Meanwhile, parents can free themselves from tension in the massage jets or in the heated hall. Cold and hot dishes, drinks and ice cream are served in the bistro, which can be enjoyed on the sun terrace. The associated ship bar serves exotic cocktails.

  • Entry fee for children: €2.40, for adults: €4
  • The outdoor pool is only open during the summer months

Nature and adventure in Hof

Untreusee climbing park: A private outdoor experience can be found in the climbing garden of the Hofer Untreusee. The group of old trees naturally among their branches and tops provides the fun and excitement of dizzy heights. Arrangements of climbing elements reach a height of 12 meters. A highlight is the 14-meter-high Flying Fox. Cutting gold across the lake is also a challenge and offers plenty of movement.

If you really feel dizzy, you can rest easily, because you can choose the methods yourself. There is risk-free fun in the climbing park. You and your family will be informed in advance, then secured with safety belts and snap hooks. If you follow the safety instructions, falling is impossible. In addition, a trained crew consisting of professional climbers is always present.

  • Entrance fee between 15€ and 20€
  • Open from 10am on weekends and holidays

Labyrinth in Untreusee: As the largest of its kind in Europe, the labyrinth at Untreusee is a 2,200 square meter maze with convertible units. Tasks, such as the memory game, must be mastered while walking. Concentration and perseverance are required here. The educationally advanced area presents a challenge to the sense of direction and the creative search for solutions for adults and children. The outdoor experience trains the body, mind and spirit.

  • Open on weekends from 10 am
  • Children’s prices: 6 euros, adults: 8 euros
  • Discounted family tickets are also available

Culture and Education in Hof

Hof Zoo: Hof Zoo with 100 animal species from all continents is located in the vast Theresienstein Citizens Park. Educationally very useful for kids to learn about partially endangered animals and learn more about species protection and species threats through hunting, climate change and animal habitat displacement through zoo educational stations and tours.

You can expect kangaroos, Asian gibbons, capuchin monkeys and South American cates, North American raccoons, European lynx, African meerkat and pygmy mongoose, Egyptian flying foxes and many more. Do you love birds then you can look forward to the fuzzy snowy white owls, colorful parrots, Eclectus parrots or Australian parrots. You can enjoy watching exotic snakes, iguanas, lizards, turtles or caimans in a tropical home. And don’t forget to visit the petting zoo with your kids. There you can pet ponies, pygmy goats and sheep, for example. There are also rabbits, chickens, geese, pigeons and ducks. The zoo offers educational tours of the zoo, as well as activities at its zoo school. Gastronomy and sanitation facilities are available.

  • Open from 9 am
  • Admission for children 3 euros and adults 5 euros
  • Family ticket: 14 EUR

Bavarian Vogtland Museum: The Museum of Natural and Cultural History of Hof has existed since 1910 and contains an extensive permanent exhibition on the history of the city and country of Hove. The natural history section of the museum is sure to be interesting for kids. Here you can see many birds and mammals from Europe, as well as reptiles and amphibians from Germany, insects, fossils, minerals and rocks from northern Upper Franconia.

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In the handicraft section you will find yourself in the past centuries. Old machines once used to produce textiles are on display in the great hall. Many elegant clothing items from the Biedermeier period are also displayed there. In the exhibition of workshops and production facilities, historical guilds or handicrafts, you can find out how people used to work. In another room, you can recreate the way wealthier farming families or bourgeoisie used to live with original home furnishings.

The Bavarian Vogtland Museum offers tours, educational activities and a museum upon prior registration to enable children to enjoy a lively educational experience.

  • Open on weekends from 1 pm
  • Adult prices: 3 euros,
  • Children and youth under 18 years of age: Free admission

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