Puppy food in the test: growing up healthy

A little good food for the test puppy

When a puppy moves from the breeder to his new home, the new dog owners have to decide: whether they want to be offered dry or wet food and how much money they want to spend on it. Stiftung Warentest has tested dog food for puppies for the first time – wet food. Only two out of six products are recommended for kids. Two diets fail: they recommend inappropriate portions and lack some nutrients.

This is what the puppy food test by Stiftung Warentest offers

  • Test results. The table shows ratings from good to poor for six advertised wet foods for puppies and growing dogs. You can choose from well-known brands such as Rinti and Pedigree. A daily ration costs between 98 cents and 2.93 euros for a ten-week-old puppy with a final weight of 15 kilograms.
  • Purchase advice. We evaluated nutrition quality and nutrition recommendations. In addition, each feed is tested for harmful substances and unwanted ingredients. If you click on the product image in the table, you will read all the details about the product, as well as its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Tips. Read free tips on feeding puppies – such as how to switch from a breeder food to a new food and how to recognize overeating.
  • Magazine article. If you unlock the topic, you will be able to access the test report PDF file from Exam 5/2022.

Puppy food in the test
All puppy food test results

Puppies need strong bones

The right food is important for the growth of dogs. You should support them in creating a lot of tissue and strong bones in a short amount of time. Compared to adult foods, for example, food should be more energy-dense, contain high-quality protein and provide the right amounts of minerals such as calcium and phosphorous as well as trace elements such as copper and zinc. The test winner meets these requirements – also as a puppy food for large dog breeds.

Eating for mistakes is revenge

There are a number of things to consider when it comes to feeding puppies the right way. When young dogs overeat, they tend to shoot – the bones may not mineralize enough and become strong.

The insidious thing is that owners often do not recognize overfeeding because young animals usually do not become obese. However, over time, they can get used to overeating and gaining fat later in life.

advice: After the puppy stage, your pet needs adult dog food. You’ll find good products in our tests of wet dog food and dry dog ​​food.

Best wet puppy food instead of parf

The best test puppy food provides puppies with all the nutrients they need. We advise not to drink alcoholic beverages. The acronym BARF stands for species-appropriate organic raw foods. On the other hand, the supply of nutrients in Barv cannot be precisely controlled. On the other hand, puppies can come into contact with germs that they are not yet able to tolerate (see also our interview on BARF).

Think about insurance

Dogs bring a lot of hustle and bustle with them. Consider important insurance policies when your puppy comes home: Dog liability insurance covers any property damage caused by the animal’s roommate. You can find the best policies in our comparison of dog liability insurance. In the Dog Health Insurance Quiz, you will discover which policy is best for mitigating high veterinary costs.

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