The nominees have been selected for Germany’s Most Valuable Prize for the Participation of Children and Youth

(Berlin) – Six participating projects from all over Germany can pin high hopes on the German Children and Youth Prize from the German Children’s Fund. The Children and Youth Advisory Board of the German Children’s Fund nominated projects from Berlin, Bremen, Friedberg (Bavaria), Hamburg, Lübeck (Schleswig-Holstein) and Mengerkirchen (Hesse) for the final round. The German Children and Youth Prize is awarded to projects in which children and young people contribute to the ideal shaping of their living environment. It was awarded a total of €30,000, making it the most awarded prize nationwide for the participation of children and youth in Germany. The partners are the German TV Lottery and Europa Park, where the prize will be awarded on June 27, 2022.

A variety of projects made it into the final round of the German Children and Youth Prize. For example, a young man turned old gumball machines into seed machines in order to preserve biodiversity and prevent wild bees from dying. In other projects, for example, children and youth have designed and implemented a group exhibition of contemporary youth art, or a group of young people has campaigned against anti-Semitism and all forms of racism through a variety of activities. The nominated projects will be filmed in a short film over the next few weeks and the participating children and youth will be invited to Europa-Park for the award ceremony.

“Once again this year, several exciting projects have been submitted for the German Children and Youth Prize. With this award, we recognize the commitment of children and young people to their rights or the rights of others. At the same time, we point out how important it is for children and young people to participate. Children and young people who experience themselves as being actively shaped are also more likely to participate in shaping society as adults. The participation of children and young people thus reinforces the fundamental cornerstone of our democracy,” emphasizes Holger Hoffmann, Federal Director of the German Children’s Fund.

“Through the projects nominated by the jury, we see the diversity of the commitment of young people. The German Children and Youth Prize is not only a platform to honor their commitment, it also provides an opportunity to demonstrate the diverse creativity and motivation of young people. Thus, award winners and award winners also serve as role models for their peers. Young people can Participation. Commitment creates the opportunity to shape things, influence them and express an opinion. That is why German children and youth The Prize is so important. It provides children and young people with a platform and shows their commitment to our society and our future. This is how we support the idea of ​​intergenerational solidarity. The nominated projects represent a committed generation that would like to see their commitment further. ‘,” says Christian Kieper, Army General Director of the German TV Lottery and German Aid Foundation.

“The nominees can look forward to the wonderful awards ceremony at Europa-Park. A very special support program has been set up featuring musicians and celebrities. And with that we want to appreciate this unique commitment and the huge wealth of ideas for children and young people. I admire anyone with such courage and enthusiasm, these Young people stand up for their fellow human beings and togetherness – you make an important contribution to society,” says Miriam Mack, ambassador for the German Children’s Fund.

The prize is awarded in the categories of Solidarity, Political Commitment, and Culture of Children and Youth. The first place winners in each category will receive a prize money of €6000. There will also be an honorable mention in each category, which was awarded €3,000. In addition, one project will be honored with the Europa-Park JUNIOR CLUB Prize, which comes with prize money of €3,000.

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