12 Weird Things Your Dog Does Every Day And Their Importance

If your dog has “Zoomies,” he’s probably really happy.
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Dogs are lovable and loyal creatures that often delight their owners with strange, outlandish actions. But have you ever wondered why dogs get these “zombies” (sudden bursts of energy) or seem fascinated by sniffing their feces?

While some of these behaviors may seem strange to humans, most of them are normal for dogs.

Dog behaviorist Nick Jones explains the real reasons behind all the seemingly weird things dogs do.

These are the 12 most common dog behaviors shown to you:

12 Weird Things Your Dog Does Every Day And Their Importance


Dogs get to “zoom” because they are either too happy or too excited.

Eating grass is not usually very dangerous for dogs.

Dogs eat vomit out of an instinct.

Eating feces is also a normal behavior for dogs.

To get your attention, the dog will sometimes install inanimate objects.

Dogs that dig the ground after forming a mound mark their territory.

Dogs also dig when they are bored or when they are calm.

In fact, it is not unusual for a male dog to sit while urinating.

Dogs sniff other dogs behind to get important information.

You may want to have your dog checked by a vet if he is dragging him on the ground.

If the dog is constantly chasing its tail, this is a sign of boredom.

Winking is not necessarily a sign that your dog is cunning.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider in May 2020. It has now been reviewed and updated.

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