3 things I love!

GhostWire: Tokyo It is a strange game. Is it a horror game now? Is it an action game? Or anything in between?

while the Type It’s a questionable combination and I have a feeling from time to time Shinji Mikami Want to get away from the horror genre sooner rather than later is a title Tango Works However, for many reasons Great piece of media goods.

So let’s not get stuck today monotonous combat system up and leave them hard story – which really speeds up at the end – apart from that, I had a lot of fun with the game. Because I definitely got it, even if the answer to “why actually” is hidden between the lines, as is often the case.

So what’s so interesting about GhostWire: Tokyo? That’s a lot in the end, because the welcome Japanese influence It is everywhere. I mean, sure, it’s set in Tokyo, Japan. But if it wasn’t produced by a Japanese development studio, it probably wouldn’t be that noticeable. It has not been organized in this way to the top notch yet. I was really surprised here and there. Is this still a game or is it really a game? Tokyo walking simulator? And why not both?

The following things make GhostWire: Tokyo really unique, at least to me, and I encourage everyone to give the game a try!

Delicious food.. good for life?

Oh my God, I’m hungry! I hardly won a game from life points Proficient as well as GhostWire: Tokyo. I mean look at these pictures!

© Tango Gameworks / PlayCentral.de Photo montage
© Tango Gameworks / PlayCentral.de Photo montage

If you don’t feel hungry here, they won’t be able to help you anymore. First class meals from japanese cuisine Vital featurethat we taste with Akito, his and us life bar Recharge. Isn’t that better?

And if you are not quite sure what food you want to serve to the protagonist, the local food will help you Market in addition to. There is a lot traditional specialtiesEach has a different effect – some give more life points, some less. And food is also available as a ghost variant, dim Underworld counterpart. Will they actually taste as good as the originals? Well, I don’t know!

The only problem is that I want to eat it all by myself when I can just watch my digital friend Akito do it. eat delicious Onigiri with tuna mayo or salmonHe eats yakitori With delicious sauce and that dango Firstly, I personally have not eaten the latter, but it looks great!

One thing is for sure: It’s time for them again Japanese tilt on Immermannstrasse in Dusseldorfwhich I can’t warmly recommend to everyone unless that’s not enough at the moment for a trip to Japan!

But as a punishment for not getting anything, Akito got cute characters from me first takoyaki (The battered squid) is so slimy and disgusting because it’s slippery that true gourmets – of which I’m thankfully not one – know how to enjoy this dish. That’s what you get, Akito!

Sightseeing luxury, I have to go there!

But the food and those studies about it aren’t the only reason the title is so interesting. Rarely have I seen such an interesting database that has encouraged me to do so much Entrances as much as possible to study. Because it is not just about describing the food in detail.

It soon becomes clear that the developers have a lot to offer in all respects originality value have set. Large parts of the digital city actually exist.

so called well-known teacher They are automatically added to the database when we detect them. In the guide we learn all about Notorious Mall 429 or old age Insancho In the heart Shibuyas.

© Tango Gameworks / PlayCentral.de Photo montage

there is the Tokyo Tower With its delightfully organized entrance it is just a small part of what we can learn about the city and see virtually. Want to travel to Japan right away!

© Tango Gameworks / PlayCentral.de Photo montage

So we can have one A little vacation in Tokyo Spend even though we are not there ourselves. Admittedly, there are few love to travel a. but precious learning effect It is definitely a given and very practical. If we travel to Japan again in physical form in the future, do we already know Tokyo well thanks to this unconventional way of learning? This is something!

© Tango Gameworks / PlayCentral.de Photo montage

But often, it’s the little things. There are so many corners to slow down – like this garden full of cherry blossoms – or that I just want to take a closer look right away.

Side missions are mandatory

I also recommend taking a look at the sites from time to time Database to throw. Because the background of the big city is illuminated in detail. And while we are on the subject of the database and local. Here is my favorite entry below Key Elementsthat we can find in the game.

© Tango Gameworks / PlayCentral.de Photo montage

We need this game staple for a Importance side mission. Because with “The Man Who Needs Paper” the shit is literally on steam.

© Tango Gameworks / PlayCentral.de Photo montage

The developers have a sense of humor. And they blew up the bowl, this is what people do in every country? Just authenticity.

But apart from that, there are many side quests to go off sympathy callingwhile others horrifying temper nature over here popular legend of Japanese culture.

Here, too, the Japanese have always programmed carefully, keeping at least one eye on the authenticity of the gaming experience. My favorite side quest includes an Easter egg reminiscent of the classic horror movie Resident Evil (1996). Really nostalgic memories of the incremental class!

Ghost Wire: TokyoGhostWire: Tokyo hides the nostalgia of a Resident Evil Easter egg

Another extra?!

And talking about plugins. Oh yeah, we can stroking dogs In GhostWire: Tokyo. stroking dogs; Hello? If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will!

© Tango Gameworks / PlayCentral.de Photo montage

So, there are quite a few reasons that speak volumes about the game. Of course, this is not all of them. But now you might have a glimpse of the heart and soul that came up with this title. Because if you have one around Developers at Tango Gameworks It can then be said that they are I really like to work And you can feel it.

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