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Now on the German television scene there are countless pay-TV channels. To ensure that you continue to enjoy the entertainment and do not miss any special event, DIGITAL FERNSEHEN regularly introduces a new channel in our series “Special Interest Channels for Pay TV Offered”. Today it is “ClipMyHorse.TV”.


family name: ClipMyHorseTV
branch: sports channel
Channel start: April 2, 2021
broadcast time: 0-24 hours
Broadcast Format: HD

Jump, Ryder jump, if he falls then … he doesn’t watch ‘ClipMyHorse TV’. The line broadcaster is operated by “sportdigital TV Fernsehen- und Produktions GmbH” and is entirely dedicated to equestrian sports.

The portal of the same name has been around since 2008 and from January 2018 to January 2019 there have been sporadic broadcasts of equestrian sports on Magenta TV under the label. The linear TV channel is distributed only via satellite via the Sports Direction package on Sky and HD Plus – that is, it costs 5.99 per month. It also cannot be combined with premium portal access, see FAQ here.

There are equestrian tournaments to see – also known as “Re-Live”, as is already the case with Sportdigital Football, programs on the topic of horse training and breeding, as well as home stories and a fashion magazine. The offer is limited, so there are many iterations of the program.

The line broadcaster’s website itself consists of an electronic program guide (EPG) for the next 22 days and reception options. The actual portal is also widely represented on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

© Screenshot: Auerbach Verlag

A typical day at ClipMyHorse TV

06:00 – Breeding: International Colts (repeat)
06:45 – Jump: International Horse (Replay)
08:45 – Jumping: Horse International (Replay)
09:15 – Dressage: International Festival Hall Championship – Schafhof Edition (Live Replay)
10:35 – Academy: fast laps with better turns and fewer steps (training)
11:00 AM – Dressage: International Festival Hall Championship – Schafhof Edition (Replay live)
12:00 – Breeding: Marbach Stallion Show (Bring back to life)
15:10 – Academy: Get out of your comfort zone: simply practice on the important details of the course
15:40 – Academy: Gaining confidence in high jumps: Confidence of the jockey and horse (training)
16:10 – Entertainment: Rose Otley guest (magazine)
16:25 – Entertainment: Visit Rose Otley (magazine)
16:40 – Academy: Conjunctivitis: When perspective is missing (training)
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19:35 – The Academy: The Three-Bar Anxiety Barrier – When You Start It Becomes a Test of Courage (training)
19:55 – Jumping: Horse International (Replay)
21:55 – Jumping: Horse International (Replay)
10:25pm – Taming: Forest Joachim zu Fürstenberg Memorial International Tournament (rebroadcast live)
00:05 – Dressage: Fürst Joachim zu Fürstenberg Memorial International Tournament (Live Replay)
00:15 – Taming: Agravis-Kobe Oldenburg (Replay live)
01:35 – Dressage: The Agravis-Oldenburg Cup (Replay live)
01:50 – Academy: learning to let go – being able to better implement seat changes (training)
02:05 – The Academy: Blackout in the tournament: How to control our nerves (training)
02:25 – Academy: Team experiences: When the pressure gets too high (training)
02:40 – Academy: self-training – how to do it without a coach (training)
02:55 – Academy: I get nervous when I start making extreme jumps – what now? (exercise)
03:15 – Academy: focused and relaxed driving despite seat issues
03:30 – Academy: These lessons never work – what can I do about it? (exercise)
03:55 – Academy: start without tension in the upper classes – this is how it works (training)
04:05 – Academy: Getting back on a horse after a fall – Accident recovery (training)
04:30 – Breeding: Approval of the Association of Breeders of Small Horses and Horses in Hannover (Revival)


Satellites: Sky (HD), HD Plus (HD)
else: Website (SD & HD; view on demand, €16.25 per month)

Do you have any comments on the series “Special Interest Channels Offered by Pay-TV Channels Shown”? Write to us at – we look forward to it.

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