Cristiano Ronaldo: Bereavement advisor explains: “It’s about learning to live with the death of a child”

Cristiano Ronaldo mourns the loss of his son. spoke to a grief aide who reveals what parents can do as a lifeline in such a situation.

Grieving a child is the worst and most painful thing a parent can go through. This fate has now also happened to Cristiano Ronaldo (37), as he announced on Instagram on April 18. Accordingly, he and his partner Georgina Rodriguez (28 years old) lost their son, while his twin sister survived the birth.

Cristiano said: “It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our son. It is the greatest pain a parent can feel. Only the birth of our daughter gives us the strength to live this moment with some hope and happiness.” Ronaldo in one open message to his fans. It was only in October that he and the model announced that they were expecting twins.

Find out more about the death of Cristiano Ronaldo’s twin son in the video above.

It’s about learning to ‘live with the death of a child’

But how can parents deal with the situation in which their child died? spoke to Rainbow Initiative, a non-profit self-help group, about what could be a lifeline for affected parents: “For many, it is also helpful to connect with other people who are equally affected, there is no need to” Don’t feel lonely with fate And you can look forward to others learning something, for example how to deal with grief within a relationship or at work.”

In addition to the parents, the siblings of the deceased child also grieve. Grieving is an especially big challenge for them, and they have to deal with the loss of their sibling while at the same time experiencing the pain of their parents. The Rainbow Initiative says: “Bereaved brothers They are in a doubly difficult situation. Even if they were still young, they were already mourning the loss of their deceased brother. In addition, they experience great grief for their parents. Sometimes they have to deal with parents who appear completely different. Sympathy of the family or circle of friends is often directed to the mother, less often to the father. Geschwister schildern nicht selten das Gefühl, ‘durch den Rost zu fallen'”. Daher rät die Initiative: “Auch kleinen Kindern kann es helfen, wenn man offen über diese Probleme spricht und wenn sie Kontaktster a zu e loren finden andersch Kindern to have.”

Mourning has no time limit.

But how long does the grieving process take? The Rainbow Initiative says: “Sorrow has no limits and does not end at some point or be stopped. It often takes years for parents to find their way back to life, but a deceased child will always be part of the family and even decades later, there will still be revival and revival. Thus Mourning is the bond of love that maintains contact with a dead child. This has a purpose. It is about learning to “live with the death of a child” and not complete the process of grieving for a dead child.”

This is a way for family and friends to express their sympathy

The initiative also offers the following advice to relatives and acquaintances: “Above all, affected parents do not want to hear sayings and condolences along the lines of ‘It will be fine, you are still young.’ This means that the deceased child is interchangeable. It would be better to say ‘No’. I know what to say, but I want to be there for you and am willing to take some of your hell with you.”

A family trip to the playground - and Georgina in particular is eye-catching

For Cristiano Ronaldo, his family always comes first. He is shown here in the video with his children on the playground.
© PEDJA MILOSAVLJEVIC / AFP via Getty Images; Instagram/georginagio;

The world mourns Cristiano Ronaldo

Meanwhile, many other stars have expressed their sympathy for the tragic loss of Cristiano Ronaldo on the internet. “Your pain is our pain,” Ronaldo’s current club, Manchester United, wrote on Twitter. Football legend Pele (81) writes: “My friend, I send you my prayers and sympathy at this very difficult time. May God comfort your hearts and enlighten every step of the way.”

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