Fiscal year 2021: Kuntar with its first balance sheet

Kantar Key Figures for 2021: Revenues were $3.283 billion, up 16 percent year-over-year. Adjusted EBITDA is $600 million, up 35 percent year over year, with an 18 percent margin. The profit is $111 million. In 2020, a loss of $211 million USD has yet to be reported. Chief Financial Officer Ian Griffiths commented on the numbers: “We haven’t quite hit the 2019 level yet, but our gross margin has been at the level it was before the pandemic.” It has about 27,000 employees worldwide. There is no reference number to the previous year here.

Turn it inside out and put it back together

Kantar completely repositioned itself after selling 60% of the private equity firm Bain Capital in 2020. During the last turnaround phase, a number of parts of the company were sold: as of April 1, 2021, Kantar Health went to Cerner Group. On the balance sheet, the business line still represented 2 percent of sales in 2021. At the end of 2021, the sale of Symphony Technology Group’s Reputation Intelligence division was official. And BVS, its ad endorsement company, was sold to Advocado late in the year.

Strategic acquisitions

Kantar also bought companies: it seems that the acquisition of Numerator in the United States was particularly significant. Details of the deal were not disclosed, but news outlet Research Live said the deal was worth $1.5 billion.

Also in an interview with the executives of the owners of Kantar, WPP and Bain Capital, which was published in the annual report, this acquisition was presented as crucial. Mark Reed, CEO of WPP Media Group, former owner of Kantar and now a minority shareholder, with 40 per cent of the shares, says: “The numerator treatment shows that when we see the right scale of business opportunities, we have the ambition… and I am willing to make investments. I am confident. that the transformation of the research and insights industry will continue to create future opportunities for (Kontar).”

“The rug treatment demonstrates our ambition and desire to invest as we see the right amount of business opportunities.”

Mark Reed, CEO of WPP

Christoph Jacobs van Merlen, Managing Director of Bain Capital Private Equity, said: “We are more excited to join Kantar today than we have ever been in the past two and a half years. We are now more and more convinced of it. The numerator is just one example. We see a huge opportunity in the data business. “

“Our enthusiasm to join Kuntar is greater today than it has been at any time in the past two and a half years.”

Christoph Jacobs van Merlen, managing director of Bain Capital Private Equity

The new CFO will come in June

The acquisition of Dutch company MeMo2 has expanded media effectiveness measurement capabilities in Europe. In addition to the tools Brand GuidelinesAnd Kantar Analytics practiceAnd world plus board And Qantar market expanded. “In 2021, we made great strides in the company’s transformation,” said Chairman Adam Crozier.

Chris Jansen was appointed CEO in November of last year. Prior to that, Alexis Nasard had a brief experience as an Executive Director at Kantar. Jansen has over 20 years of leadership experience in a wide range of UK companies and has a solid reputation as a builder of culture. Kantar’s Executive Vice President and Interim Chief Financial Officer is Ian Griffiths. However, he will leave the company to take a position at parent company Bain Capital. Michael Uzzili will be the new chief financial officer in June.

More technology and automation

Overall, as the annual report shows, Kantar is positioning itself to be more dependent on technology. Kantar Market, Brand Guidelines, Analytics Practice And numerator Together, they generated just $500 million in sales and showed 48 percent year-over-year growth. Among the many brands that Kantar has carried over the decades – Millward Brown, Add Value, TNS, … – none can be seen today. There are still seven divisions with a clear overall brand: the largest (also in this country) is Insights section About 49 percent of sales worldwide. At its core, this business represents brand, innovation, creativity, media, commerce and customer experience.

Add to this now Consulting Division, which represents $186 million in sales. Machine tools such as Qantar marketwhich is a research platform that enables comprehensive self-service for surveys, but also offers consultations at different levels. Kantar Analytics practice He wants to help customers get more ideas from their own data. Brand Guidelines It means the company’s many years of knowledge of brand management. There, more than $10 million has been invested in developing and launching new AI-based diagnostic modules that can provide answers to critical questions about branding, marketing spending, and customer relationships.

The Department of Media It represents approximately 17 percent of Kantar’s sales, with sales of US$640 million. The department sees itself as an expert in understanding the changing media landscape and measuring reach.

The world plate division ($357 million, 10 percent) provides expertise in understanding shopper behavior through continuous shopper tracking and retail and marketing strategy statistics. Behavioral data is available from consumer goods, out-of-home, DIY, fashion, technology, and communications markets.

numerator (US$109 million / 3 per cent) with a strong presence it is currently managed as a separate unit. This is also about shopper insights.

The general division It has a turnover of US$218 million (6 percent) and is responsible for opinion research. The Public Data Innovation Center opened last summer. The initiative aims to be a partner for startups in the fields of data, technology, and artificial intelligence. The first partnership was with Berlin-based startup Inspirient, a company that helps uncover the hidden value of data through automated AI-powered processes. Finally there Features of the quintal ($301 million/8 percent), group commission.

CEO Janssen has only one thing to say about Germany: “The German team’s performance was very strong in the last quarter, which laid the foundation for strong growth in 2022.”
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