Bull season begins! According to an astrology expert: a time of luxury, sensuality – and the first strawberry

Now your zodiac sign is set ox In Focus – What’s New horoscope mapOur astrology expert Alex Kruse knows this season means to us: new land, a dance floor under your feet, and a bit of shine in the neckline.

As the sun moves into Taurus, encounters with our inner Marie Antoinette are the order of the day – and May dances are the order of the day. It’s time to celebrate the joy of life with all your might and move forward with the full strength of Taurus. After the time of the fiery Aries, Earth finally enters again, giving ground to our craziest thoughts.

This Taurus season, it’s time to have fun!

The dance we’re dancing now is AbunDANCE and the question that remains is what will Grace Jones do now? The “Taurus Forever Legend” knows how life goes. Cher and Lizzo are Taurus too. Coachella gives us a great example – here, a new era of joy festival has been presented decently and at its best – after two years without it. Of course, there were plenty of dazzling Euphoria girls in flashy, fringed cowboy hats, silver boots, and Wild West meets ’70s high school gear. Harry Styles aka Rumpelstiltskin opened in Gucci glam all over big group fun with “We have a full moon, you have a ticket, and I have the flavor.” In front of a digital field of dandelions on which bunnies jumped – in reference to Mama Twist. How wonderful to have a child like Harry amazed me that day when my 10 year old son took two adorable, hot girls who were at least twice his age on the train with his candid knowledge of Dwayne “Rock” Johnson influenced. By the way, The Rock is a bit of a bull – more From a bull it’s almost impossible, he even wore a little wrestler’s pants with the zodiac emblem – an absolute commitment to his practice and always the best version of himself, he went from wrestler to actor.Although he’s a giant, he has a lot of flowery vibes on his chart – and Venus rules Taurus sign.

Order of the day: luxury, excitement – and the first strawberry

Reliable, full of love for the beautiful and good things in life, they are considered stubborn, self-confident, consistent and reliable. Taurus is a solid earth sign – Among the 100 Richest Legendary Celebrities Forbes List 12.68% were born under the sign of Taurus. Taurus Sun Time is perfect for getting things down to earth and deepening work on ongoing projects. And they’re perfect for providing a solid resistance to what doesn’t work for you at all (anymore). Taurus is the most exciting, luxurious and sensual sign. This is about fun, joie de vivre and the perfect first strawberry. We are warmly invited to redefine luxury for ourselves. Taurus understands like any other sign that indulging in a field full of daisies can be a real luxury. As long as the outing is detailed enough.

This season you can enjoy life to the fullest and rejoice, while glimpsing the past

My inside source at Coachella had nothing but good things to say – lots of little blue Bentley convertibles, freedom dances, drinks, still sand somewhere Tuesday. Real Charm Of course, it happens off the festival grounds at the after-show parties in Dallas aka Denver Clan-esque mansions, where private jets sometimes pile up or there’s room for entire horse-racing tracks and in front of their gates sometimes lavish spectacles in a crowd of playboys, Victoria’s Secret stars and even Solomun He has to wait outside the house despite the reservation. Another really important info: Timothée C. hooked up with several girls at once, girls still faint seeing Justin Bieber without a shirt, and Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t aged very well. And (surprise), girls who make their lives seem more fun on Insta often have the least fun in the real life And it gets stuck — always ready for the cameras — at the ends of the stickers you paid for. On the other hand, no one takes pictures at the really important parties. And certainly no selfies. Just like in the old days at the club.

And speaking of how she was at the club: This Taurus time will ensure that one element or another from our recent past will radically explode in our faces. And we rethink at one point or another.

Scorpio will also play a big role this season

With the New Moon in Taurus—which will bring Taurus energy back into the heart—and the Full Moon in Scorpio, we’re in the midst of eclipse season, the final time of maximum transformation. Eclipses always occur on the axes of the node – this time and next time on the axis of Scorpio rather than on the axis of Taurus.

Taurus energy represents financial security, inner peace, perseverance, and loved ones. On the other hand, Scorpio is the sign of transformation and time and shows us the abyss and the deepest shadows from which we like to hide. Of course, people born with strong feelings of Taurus and Scorpio will especially notice this. In addition, Pluto, the transformer who observes Scorpio, is retrograde from April 30 to October 9. Mercury, our public relations and communications planet, and then from May 10 to June 3. When the planets are retrograde, psychic energy flows into the subconscious – and we are heartily invited to stop again. Certain topics or experiences may be processed on a deeper level during these times.

It is now about moving forward. Just keep going. Stop! With great confidence in the good, the beautiful and the wonderful in this world. When the sun is in Taurus, you have to make sure to have a good time. And not just ourselves, but those around us – now remembering that we too are here to live in abundance and the joy that we all deserve now. Or, as Cher puts it, “I’m the girl who’s lost her reputation and I’ve never missed her.” Love out!

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