Earth Day: Ott, Reem & Partners – This Successful Superstar is Committed to the Environment

Today is the official Earth Day. On April 22nd every year, this special Labor Day is celebrated to enhance the appreciation of our environment. We should also think about our own consumer behaviour. Many pop stars have been involved in various environmental projects for years or have tried to protect nature in their daily lives. Here are some notable examples.

Vicki Lindros sings “Paradise Lost”

As early as 1982, Vicki Leandros sang the title “Paradise Lost”, which is about the slow destruction of our environment. Lines of text such as “Say who let the world destroy,” “Tell me why the fish should die in the river and so should the flower,” or “Who puts the forest at risk” are meant to show how much we are hurting the Earth. With the song, Vicki Leandros wanted to draw attention to the abuse and implore everyone to finally wake up! As before, the singer is also particularly committed to a clean environment.

Kristen Ott eats only vegan

If you look at Kristen Ott’s social media account, it quickly becomes clear that she loves animals. Cats and dogs found a new home with her. But The singer has been eating completely meat-free for half a year. Your wife, Carolina, eats only vegan and avoids animal products completely. The singer often uses her posts of significant contributions to draw attention to the current poor conditions. True to that motto: We all have to do something to protect our planet! Wouldn’t there even be a political office for Kirsten Ott in question? After all, she can really make a difference! She revealed to “Stadlpost,” “To be honest, I never really thought about it, anyway it’s always going to be good and it’s always good to raise your voice. I think I have a certain range, and I also have to open my mouth, because these are just important topics.”

Michael Holm supports the reforestation project

The cult star has supported Trees for the World for many years. This project is planting new trees in Africa. Michael Holm has repeatedly said in interviews: I love plants, nature and animals and I try to protect them. Since not one person can save our earth, the singer is also trying to do educational work. Only together can our planet be saved. This is why Michael Holm is still very active in environmental protection today.

Ute Freudenberg works without plastic

A big problem of our time is the huge amounts of plastic waste. The seas, forests and roads are filled with waste, destroying our nature and many species of animals. Reason enough for Ute Freudenberg to dispense with plastic as much as possible in her daily life. She confessed to MDR Schlagerwelt: “I haven’t had a drink at all since 2002, not a single sip from any plastic bottle.“While she was ridiculed for the first few years, many of her fellow human beings have now joined this project.

Olaf Henning is committed to taking care of animals across Europe

The singer has a big heart for animals and supports many projects, revealing to us exclusively: “I support an association founded in my neighboring village. With a dog shelter in Lithuania. Dogs also come to us regularly,” which after that, I also make deliveries and check whether the dogs working fine or not. So far everything has gone perfectly in two years. Then I support a shelter in Bulgaria. Then, being a cat lover, I took possession of the cat house as a caregiver – at the Bocholt Animal Shelter. I regularly bring a lot of food donations there. Animals are the best people, which is why I am so happy to support animal welfare.”

Matthias Rimm relies on e-mobility

Environment is an important issue for pop singers! In addition to the e-bike, he also owns an electric car, as he reveals to “Stadlpost”: “Of course I take my big long-distance car, which can also drive 800 km to the next performance. Once we get home, they stay in two big boxes in the garage.” We do all regional transfers with our small electric vehicle.“His awareness of the environment has changed a lot in recent years. That’s why Matthias Rehm came up with some ideas for his home: “A whole floor of windows has been replaced in my house, so I can save energy. A new heating system has been installed.

first. P lives completely vegan

Ole has been living for years. P and his wife, Pauline, are vegetarian. So you have to avoid all animal products. The reason for this is our health and the protection of our land. The singer does not find it difficult to do without him, because animal welfare is also important to him. In an interview with MDR Schlagerwelt he explained: “I do not put his pleasure above the life of a living being. I have certain principles and I abide by them. Since plant feeding requires less resources than animal husbandry, this is another aspect of Oli. P. wants to protect our nature. In addition, the great animal lover is committed to ensuring that more people rethink the topic of meat consumption.

Pop stars and their pets

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