NFT News: Moonbirds, Murakami. Flower seeds and NFT association explode

Even the most skeptical of non-fungible tokens must admit that the NFT market has boomed in recent years. Almost all parameters indicated an increased creation. There was a lot of money to be made using NFTs. But the non-fungible token market is currently taking a break. Trading volume has fallen in the past few weeks, and crypto enthusiasts are currently reluctant to buy new NFTs.

However, NFTs undoubtedly offer great potential. At the same time, the three NFTs in particular have developed strongly in the past 24 hours and are very popular with buyers.

Is the next hype NFTs coming here? What is the current status of Moonbirds, Murakami, Flower Seeds and NFTs? What alternatives are available to popular NFTs?

NFTs in Moonbird

Moonbirds NFTs are a pool of 10,000 non-fungible tokens that are currently trading at 33 Ether on OpenSea. Almost 100,000 Ethers have already been traded. With Moonbirds NFT, owners get private club membership and other benefits as long as they own the NFT. The artistic value of split owls in different outfits is still controversial.

Over the past week, Moonbirds NFTs have risen in value. While the average price of around 10 Ether was achieved on April 17th, the average price is currently around 35 Ether.

Murakami. NFTs flower seeds

Murakami. Flowers Seed NFTs is artwork by Takashi Murakami. The average price has often moved near 10 Ether in the past month. On April 19, the average value collapsed sharply, Flowers Seed NFT halved traded on OpenSea, which in turn was accompanied by a significantly higher trading volume. The value then recovered and is currently around 6.76 Ether as the minimum price.

Murakami’s art world aims to represent a diverse ecosystem. A connection is being sought between the world of NFT and DAO. In the future, digital games and events will take place in the real world. Murakami wants flowers to become a global phenomenon, which is also indicated by the NFT project roadmap.

NFT Association (NBA)

The NFT Association is a set of dynamic NFTs that change over time based on team and player performance. The better the team and player performance in the NBA, the more changes in the NFT. There are 75 NFTs per player in the 2022 NBA Playoffs. The NFT Association’s total NFT pool is expected to reach 18,000 NFTs. At about 10:00 PM Thursday evening, 16,000 NFTs had already been mined.

Yesterday evening, the Association of NFTs managed to record the highest trading volume on OpenSea. Within 10 minutes there were over 100 sales, nearly 200 new listings and an average price of 0.235 Ether.

These NFTs offer a chance for multiple wins!

In the booming NFT market, there are always new combinations. However, the added value of a non-fungible token is not always obvious. Unlike most NFTs, the new Lucky Block set is The Platinum Rollers Club. Because cryptocurrency enthusiasts here can already identify a clear benefit at first glance. Finally, the exciting Lucky Block NFTs present a chance for multiple wins – a cool change from NFT blocks where holders only speculate on a potential increase in value.

Lucky Block NFTs are a lifetime ticket to the Lucky Block NFT lottery. In the future, daily raffles will be held here, whose holders will benefit from a winning chance of 1:10,000 due to the limited number of lots. But that’s not all – a Lamborghini Aventador worth more than 200,000 euros will soon be recalled among the owners of NFT. There is also a chance to win US$1 million.

Of course, the possibility of value increases should not be lost. After a successful presale, the namesake Lucky Block Coin has already shown where the innovative crypto lottery journey could go.

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