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On May 21, SC Freiburg will play RB Leipzig in the cup final. Most football fans across the country seem to be keeping their fingers crossed for the HC. But why actually and what does Coach Streich say about all the love?

“Everyone for Freiburg,” wrote a Werder Bremen fan. “Betze keeps his fingers crossed for Freiburg,” Kaiserslautern says. Or: “Sympathy in the final was never one-sided, even Stuttgart fans will be with Freiburg,” it can be read in the comments on social media. It gives the impression that many German viewers agree on who should win the DFB Cup final on May 21: FC Freiburg.

Unlike RB Leipzig, the team that stands in many fan sights as an icon of football marketing, Freiburg still has a reputation as a ‘small club from Breisgau’. According to the German Football Association, the sports club incurred staff expenses of around 49,206,000 euros in the calendar year and Leipzig for 147,051,000 euros. The numbers also differ significantly when it comes to the team’s market value: according to “Transfermarkt”, the Freiburg team has a turnover of around 152.25 million euros, while the price of RB Leipzig is 465.6 million euros. (season 2021/22). Calling Freiburg a “small” club is not entirely wrong in light of these numbers, but the sports club has long entered the big football field. Not least the move to the new stadium. However, different economic conditions may be a reason for the sympathy of the Higher Committee of Freiburg at the national level.

Science defines a ‘weak effect’

On the other hand, people want to be among the winners. In psychology, this is also known as the “follower effect.” On the other hand, there is also the so-called “underdog effect”. Groups, parties, or even sports teams that are portrayed or perceived as disadvantaged receive more sympathy on average.

This is because the people around them often consider themselves vulnerable. If not everyone has the same requirements, people can also support the underdog in order to remedy and compensate for the injustice. Malicious glee toward a supposed favorite is also a reason to consciously support the underdog, specifically to mock the “favorite” with others.

More commitment and will to the underdog?

Another possible explanation is that fans will have less to lose when their expectations of winning are lower. So if the team is backed by worse conditions than they are supposed to, the “damage” or “losing face” in the event of a loss will be less. In another experiment (basketball), the supposed outsider got more commitment and will than the favorite team (Source ia Joseph A. Vandello et al., The Appeal of the Underdog. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. 2007; 33 (12): 1603-1616.).

These scientific methods of explaining the “underdog effect” do not explicitly refer to sports, they come from psychology, economics or political science and can only serve as pointers.

With regard to Freiburg, it is also questionable to what extent the club is already in worse conditions and can be considered “underdog”. One thing is clear: in purely mathematical terms, the terms of the two are not different: Freiburg is in fifth place in the table / 51 points; Leipzig third in the table / 54 points. SC plays constantly all season – Leipzig has become stronger recently. By the way, Leipzig is the “preferred candidate of course” for Freiburg coach Christian Streiche.

Prank on how to deal with empathy

Of course, Streich is also a famous personality. His clear words, his clear attitude and the fact that he has been a coach at SC Freiburg for more than 10 years are exceptional in the football field. For many years, he has seen that people are very open to Freiburg’s away matches: “We didn’t test that just because we might be more successful,” said Streiche, “that’s pretty cool.” He believes that this sympathy is also about small things.

Courtesy and respect are natural

“It’s very nice or annoying sometimes, for example, when a hotel manager comes up and says something very positive. He says it’s because guys are polite or they say ‘thank you,'” Christian Streiche said, and he’s usually surprised, ‘because in fact it should be It is of course.” It is a question of how to raise children to face others. With his team, he feels that he has not lost his grip on the ground and that his players know what is due. The fact that they play football while others are cleaning their rooms and their dirt, if you feel like it a little, it may be “that Some people just don’t find you completely unsympathetic”. So his interpretation is the politeness and respect his players show for their fellow human beings and that they are educated in Freiburg. Because: in Freiburg, this is passed down from generation to generation of players and that’s why “people somehow say they love us too.” “.

Whether the team coped well with the cup hype on Tuesday night will be shown on Saturday afternoon in the match against Borussia Mönchengladbach – in a live excerpt from 2pm at SWR1 Stadium and with all the information about the match here at

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