SpoSpiTo Pass is more exercise for students and fewer taxis for parents

Apr 1, 2019, Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart: During a day of action at Auto Club Europa (ACE), a primary school student stands near a school in front of a car he just got out of. ACE volunteers have documented the morning traffic that occurs when parents drive their children to school. (To dpa “Chaos in front of schools – action indicates danger from “original taxis” from 01.04.2019) Photo: Marijan Murad / dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++ Photo: Marijan Murad (dpa)

Better health and fewer car trips through play and exercise. On the first day after the Easter holiday (April 25), students in three schools in Heilbronn will be granted a permit. The so-called SpoSpiTo exercise exercise aims to encourage children to do more climate protection and exercise. The acronym stands for sports, games and fun.

Six weeks without parents taking a taxi to school

The highlight of the campaign is that those who cycle, run or walk to school at least 20 times in a six-week period and are not driven by their parents stand a chance of winning a prize. “Our goal, on the one hand, is to defuse the traffic situation in front of primary schools by reducing the number of taxis for parents, and on the other hand, the SpoSpiTo exercise card aims to encourage children to exercise in the air,” says Thomas Jansert, who heads the national project .

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Dangerous traffic stops in front of schools

Sabine Gorms is also aware of the sheer volume of traffic in front of schools. The principal of Heilbronn Biberach Primary School reported that sometimes even the public order office had to go out to ensure children could get to school in a safe manner. Dangerous traffic situations are also known to the police headquarters in Heilbronn. “Parents often stop at bus stops, on footpaths and bike paths, in the second row or where there is a restricted parking area, in order to ‘allow their children to get on and off for a very brief period’,” said police spokesman Yannick Zimmermann. , this may lead to the emergence of large traffic and dangerous situations for all road users.

Parental taxis retard children’s development

Heilbronn Police indicated in their school route training that parental taxis delay children’s development to independent mobility. Sensory experiences such as hearing directions or estimating distance and speed cannot be learned in this way.

Climate protection, independence and health are the focus

Principal Görmez is sure that through campaigns such as exercise, good habits can be inculcated in children. “Kids already know the basic idea from other campaigns like ‘Walk to School,’” says the 45-year-old. In addition to the game factor, the educational value should also be mentioned. “Kids are always happy to show that they are independent. “The idea of ​​competition is also fun for the kids,” Gormes says. In addition to protecting the climate and independence, the focus is primarily on students’ health. “For kids, the road to school often means half an hour of exercise a day.

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Added value for parents

Parents also add value if they no longer have to take children to school in the morning.”
Parents at Raffle sign the passport for every trip to school the kids have mastered without a car. After six weeks, each participating student receives a certificate and has the opportunity to win one of the prizes in the competition. Prizes totaling €15,000 will be withdrawn. These include scooters, backpacks and merchandise vouchers. Nationwide, more than 70,000 students participate in the campaign. In the state of Baden-Württemberg alone there are a total of 30,000 people.

In addition to the Heilbronn-Biberach Primary School, the Wilhelm Hauff School and the Albrecht Dürer School in Heilbronn are also involved in the project. The 190 students at Heilbronn-Biberach Primary School start on Monday. “We’ll talk first about the experiences during the Easter holidays and then about the pass,” says Görmez.

Training on the way to school in the Heilbronn Police Force

The SpoSpiTo exercise card (since 2019) aims to encourage children to exercise outdoors. With an active start to the day, children can live their daily lives in a more alert, balanced and focused manner. This strengthens their defenses and they learn early on how to deal with the challenges of road traffic. The project is funded by Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe Baden-Württemberg.

Parents and schools can obtain more information about school course training from Heilbronn Police by calling 07131104 1042.

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