Good People: 8 Signs You Can Trust Someone

8 things good people tell you

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There are a lot of good people out there (don’t laugh!) – but how do we get to know them? We have some ideas…

Avoid the bad guys, trust the good people – so easy so far. The only question is: How do we know if we are dealing with a good or bad person? What should we pay attention to? before We put our trust in a person? We have created a checklist.

Good People: 8 Signs You Can Trust Someone

1. Good people trust others

Sounds cliched, but can explain a lot: Most people infer others from themselves. He who treats others with distrust because he gives them an example. Assuming bad intentions or incompetence, for example, often reveals itself as being particularly untrustworthy. On the other hand, anyone who likes to give their fellow human beings a leap of faith obviously assumes that people are basically good and think only of the best—just like a confident person himself.

2. Good people don’t try to impress you

Anyone who urges you to do something or clearly wants to impress you It is very likely that he will pursue his own interests And not you. Just think of the salespeople trying to sell you something. Of course, when they see you facing your misfortune, good people try to save you from it. However, warning and pointing out something is different than pushing and persuading – and you feel it too.

3. Good people look you in the eye

Anyone with a clear conscience and nothing to hide will have no problem looking into your eyes in a relaxed manner. On the other hand, if you quickly ignore your gaze or, on the contrary, compulsively “stare”, you can approach them with a little suspicion – unless they have butterflies in their stomachs and are shy.

4. Beloved by good people

In general, good people have healthy relationships – Friends, family, partners and Other people who love and appreciate them. Of course, loners can also be good people, and sometimes we sadly lose loved ones through the blows of fate. But when someone in their life has people who love them, there is a lot to suggest there is a reason – and that person is a good guy.

5. Good people live environmentally conscious

You don’t have to be completely vegan or plastic-free to be a good person – but when you see someone We strive to live sustainably and environmentally consciously, and at least one Feeling of environmentally harmful behavior This is a strong indication that she has a good heart and a good mind.

6. Good people make mistakes

The truth of course: All people make mistakes! But good people also admit their mistakes. Anyone who doesn’t seem to be doing anything wrong themselves and always suffers from the mistakes of others either urgently needs to boost their self-esteem or would rather bully others than hold on to themselves. Both do not necessarily mean that you can trust the person without worrying…

7. Good people show mercy

Whether it is with a homeless man on the street, mourners who lost loved ones in the recent shooting in the United States, or with you: Good people care about others, showing that the fate of others affects them. who is against Always Unmoved, speechless, indifferent Everyone Walking in front of a homeless person, shrugging his shoulders and commenting emotionlessly on the crossfire with “someone is crazy again” or he clearly has no interest in what’s going on inside of you, you don’t just need to get over your heart – maybe you shouldn’t either .

8. Good people tell you about themselves

Listening and asking the right questions is also an art – but it’s often mastered by vampires or villains at least as well as good people. But if someone tells you something about themselves, it’s clear first of all that they don’t want to hide everything from you, and He will trust you in turn. And that, as I said, is usually a promising sign.

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