Premiere of “The Legacy” by Matthew Lopez

Hanover.Much of this piece can be seen as rudeness. That besides eight men only one woman can be seen on stage (and then only her appearance appears at the end): insolence. that the language is never really a challenge, that in many political discussions you can hear the crackling of the paper on which ideas are written, that some characters seem quite stereotypical, that the plot is sometimes predictable and that the whole thing goes on for more than five hours (including two periods) until Sad and cheesy ending too: rudeness!

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However… and yet… however: there is something to the matter. A certain drive, a certain urgency, and yes, that too: a certain volume. In The Legacy, Matthew Lopez talks about gay men in New York. The plot began shortly before the election of Donald Trump and always traces back to the 1980s, when many men died of AIDS.

Lopez created a vast panorama of gay life in New York, forging multi-generational bonds in the great American novel tradition. Director Ronnie Jakobashek loosely ties the many scenes together without any great directing.

Legacy is about love, death and finding meaning in life

Actors appear and play. With hardly any props, the stage design designed by Alexandre Corazola focuses on a relatively small oval playing area. The inscribed semicircle can be seen in the background. This confirms that something is being negotiated here. And this is how it is: it is about love and death and the question of how to find meaning in your life.

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Attempted seduction: writer (Nikolai Jamil, left) and actor (Alban Mondchen).

Actors face each other in the oval mini-game, they charm each other, passionately fall for each other or accuse each other of leading the wrong life or loving the wrong guy. In the middle is Eric Glass (Fabian Dutt), a very sympathetic gay man in a picture book who is first engaged to writer Toby Darling (Nicolai Gemmell) and after the breakup turns into the very wealthy Henry (Luca Holzhausen). The writer, in turn, falls in love with actor Adam (Alban Mondchen), but is rejected and ends up with Cole Boy Leo (Nils Rovera Muñoz).

In the end it’s about AIDS and death, and it feels like a utopia of how people treat each other: with love and dignity. Of course there is a lot of kitsch. Director Jakobashek does not fight with artistic effort. Nor does he have to. You can also afford kitsch. You can introduce yourself to it and accept it. Also in the game.

In the end: enthusiasm for a great story

Nikolai Gemmell is very good at it. He plays the role of the first successful writer, and then the successful breaker. In a soft, emphatic voice, he spread his shaky fate. Sometimes this looks like Burgtheater in XXS. This is not a mistake in this game context, some glorification even in failure seems quite appropriate.

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Lucas Holzhausen gives Henry Wilcox’s richness charisma and pragmatism, and Wolf List plays Walter, a homosexual reminiscent of those who died of AIDS in the 1980s, with charm and charisma. He also appeared as writer Edward Morgan Forrester. He repeatedly interferes with the game and says that the characters can also say something else. This layer of the game, which often makes the drama itself a theme, leads the game to where it finally started.

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The drama itself is very sophisticated and also very entertaining. But perhaps that wasn’t what finally made the audience stand up to applaud fervently as he stood and celebrate the cast with loud cheers.

This is more due to the great story, the important subject matter and the fact that everyone, both the actors and the viewers, have mastered the enforcement of the long run very well.

Other shows will take place on April 30 and May 20 and 26.

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