Progress in the field of sustainability

On the occasion of Earth Day yesterday, Sony reported on the progress made regarding sustainability. In the past twelve months, the PlayStation manufacturer has made a clear effort.

on April 22 Earth day instead of. This is intended to draw attention to the preservation of the natural environment and to question consumer behaviour. Large companies in particular are encouraged to continually reduce their environmental footprint. That’s why Sony Interactive Entertainment pursues ambitious goals to further protect the environment. The group primarily wants to reduce the impact on nature through its own products.

Play to protect the environment

Among other things, PlayStation content should be used to make a positive contribution. This is evidenced by the metric mentioned first: this is how Guerrilla Games did it in “Horizon Forbidden West”. Play and plant program built-in. This gave players five weeks to plant a tree by opening a cup – in the real world. As a result, more than 500,000 trees are expected to come close to rooting.

Video games are not only meant to be entertaining but also meant to raise awareness and inspire change. That’s why the PlayStation manufacturer is participating in the Green Game Gam again this year. For this event, players will create a level based on permaculture in the Sandbox Dreams title.

Reformers can submit their creations until May 2. Sony wants to plant 100 trees for each of the first 1,300 levels. So in the end it produces 130,000 trees.

Climate protection projects and conversion to renewable energies

Subsequently, Sony Interactive Entertainment invested in high-quality carbon offset projects. It offsets carbon emissions with the equivalent of 100 million hours of electricity that PlayStation consoles consume on average. In order to reduce power consumption, improved chipsets and power supplies as well as sleep modes are used in existing consoles.

Furthermore, SIE supports data centers in the transition to renewable energies. All facilities must meet the latest efficiency standards. As early as 2020, 78 percent of the electricity needed to stream PlayStation games came from renewable sources. For the remaining 22 percent, officials bought offset funds to cover carbon emissions.

The company was looking at the impact of home office workers. A certain percentage of the resulting energy consumption can be compensated by emission certificates. In addition, the most relevant offices in the US and Europe use only renewable energy. In your home country of Japan, it will take until the end of 2022.

Standardization of recycled plastic in toy boxes and the toy industry

Sony also wants to reduce the impact of game states. Recycled plastic has been used in physical games since fiscal year 2021. To date, employees have generated ten percent of the plastic from post-industrial waste during production.

Final Action: Driving global change as a unified video game industry. Sony Interactive Entertainment is a founding member of Playing for the planetwhich was founded three years ago. Developer studios meet here to discuss and implement appropriate measures. This alliance can reach over a billion players.

Additional news from Sony Interactive Entertainment:

Ultimately, Sony’s Kieren Mayers points out that the company still has a long way to go. The commitment is progressing and PlayStation would like to provide regular information about future actions.

source: SonyInteractive Entertainment

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