The ORIGYN Foundation and the UEFA Children’s Foundation are collaborating to showcase ‘NFTs for Good’ in the Impossible Things Market

Neuchotel, Switzerland –

The ORIGYN Foundation, a Swiss non-profit organization specializing in identification, authentication and unleashing the potential of ownership of valuables, has announced a partnership with the UEFA Children’s Foundation. ORIGYN and the UEFA Children’s Foundation will work together to create a unique set of collectibles and NFTs that directly benefit the Foundation’s goal of promoting children’s rights in areas such as health, education and inclusion.

As a key part of the ORIGYN ‘NFTs for Good’ initiative, ORIGYN and the UEFA Foundation will launch a limited edition children’s physical collectible. A digital twin will be created corresponding to each of the unique memorabilia, including one of the coins that helped determine the result of the UEFA EURO 2020 Final between England and Italy.

“We are very pleased to partner with ORIGYN to bring these important things to the international stage – for the benefit of the UEFA Children’s Foundation,” said Urs Clauser, Secretary General of the UEFA Children’s Foundation. “We share a vision of using next generation technologies like NFTs to raise money for children and global citizens around the world. There is no better shared mission.”

ORIGYN is the only platform that links digital certification to the world’s most valuable artifacts and physical collectibles. These digital twins are not interchangeable, unique and in many cases linked to an identical physical body. The iconic coin will be minted by ORIGYN as a dual NFT digital coin and will be auctioned alongside physical currency in the second quarter of 2022, along with other rare collectibles from the institution.

“We are so fortunate to have partnered with an organization that shares our passion for helping children around the world. NFTs are a global technology and should benefit everyone,” She said Daniel Haudenschild, CEO of ORIGYN Enterprise.

This series of unique sports collectibles from the UEFA Children’s Foundation and their corresponding digital dual NFTs will be available exclusively on the ORIGYN-powered “Impossible Things” marketplace. Impossible Things offer collectors the opportunity to buy, sell and experience unique and authentic collectibles.

The ‘Impossible Things’ market will be launched in the second quarter of 2022 with an ‘Impossible Ticket’ giving owners priority access to all limited collections that will be on the market.

“Leveraging ORIGYN’s proprietary technology and unique, consumer-friendly ‘Impossible Things’ platform allows us to support charitable organizations such as the UEFA Children’s Foundation, as well as collectors and investors who care about the goods they buy and the cultures that surround them demand authenticity,” said Tom Flanagan, managing director of ORIGYN Collectibles.


The Swiss non-profit uses smart technologies such as computer vision and artificial intelligence in decentralized computer infrastructures to identify and certify objects of value and harness the potential of property rights. As the first Internet computer-based (IC) digital certificate platform, ORIGYN and its verticals are generating new forms of value for some of the largest categories of consumer goods, including art, collectibles, digital media and luxury goods. Founded in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) in October 2020, ORIGYN operates in the world’s largest technology and blockchain centers. The enterprise token, OGY, is expected to be publicly traded in the second quarter of 2022. You can find more information at

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More information about Impossible Things can be found here.

About the UEFA Children’s Foundation:

The UEFA Children’s Foundation aims to help children and uphold their rights, for example through sports and football. Provides support in the areas of health, education, access to sports, personal development, minority inclusion and employability. The Foundation is a non-profit organization under Swiss law and started its activities on April 24, 2015. The Foundation currently invests in 180 projects and has so far funded more than 400 projects in 130 countries around the world. Since its inception, more than 1.8 million children have benefited from her work.

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