Victoria Swarovski reveals the plans for the children: “I would very much like to have …” – people

How much do you want to go to a noisy corner bar with Victoria Swarovski (28) or wander around in the mud when it rains. Doing things that cannot be planned for perfection.

But in her world, where the goal is to maximize success, it’s not that easy.

In the morning, half past nine, in a hotel room in Cologne. Victoria Swarovski comes out with the same brilliance that she ran RTL’s “Let’s Dance” four hours before. However, she’s now wearing pajamas (part of the Lascana brand, her new advertising partner, after all) and it looks like she just crawled out of bed.

Victoria Swarovski (28) poses with her dogs Winnie and Jio for BILD am SONNTAGصورFoto: Malte Krudewig

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Victoria Swarovski poses with her dogs Winnie and Jio for BILD am SONNTAG photographerPhoto: Malte Krudewig

In fact, Victoria’s makeup artist and management thinks that’s exactly what she should look like when she gets up. The location of our meeting, the appearance, the photo of the photo – all this, of course, is not accidental and was agreed upon in advance.

Laughter even in front of the camera is neatly regulated.

When Victoria laughs loudly (but adorably) when her dogs unexpectedly cuddle her, her boss immediately expresses his displeasure with the resulting impulse, not noticing the boss’s eyes rolling.

The image that fans and TV viewers receive must always be true. Cost what you can. “Most people think the show industry is just about glamor and glamor,” Victoria tells BILD am SONNTAG.

Presenter during an interview with Tobias Rinder, reporter for BILD am SONNTAGFoto: Malte Krudewig

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Presenter during an interview with Tobias Rinder, reporter for BILD am SONNTAGPhoto: Malte Krudewig

Social media is also responsible. After all, don’t post pictures or videos there if they aren’t doing well. Nobody wants to see that either. “But of course she also has ‘I feel lonely and sad’ moments.”

You get the feeling that Victoria wants to justify herself. For her last name, which represents a lot of sparkle and luster. One also gets the impression that the presenter just wants to prove to her relatives that she can also be successful outside the family business.

“So when I’m told I’m living a great life anyway, it hurts and a person tends to forget what I’m doing for this life.”

To achieve success, Victoria Swarovski, first of all, gives up a significant part of her private life. Husband Werner Mürz, a construction entrepreneur from Munich, doesn’t usually travel when Victoria’s temper is in Cologne, or has to go to Cannes or Kitzbühel for a South African fashion event or show in between.

Victoria Swarovski reveals the plans for the children:
Photo: BUILD

She has a team that controls how she looks and what she says and does in public. Maybe that’s how it should be if you want to establish yourself at the forefront of an unforgiving industry. “I come to the hotel by myself in the evening, I get up alone in the morning,” Victoria says.

“I often think to myself that it would be good to be away. My home is with my husband and not somewhere in a hotel room.”

Victoria and Werner have been married for ten years and have been married for five years. “He’s my rock,” she says. “We understand each other blindly. If I had said to him today: ‘Werner, I don’t want all this anymore,’ he would have said: ‘Okay.'”

Victoria Swarovski has been in a relationship with Werner Moores (44) for 10 years and has been married for 5 yearsFoto: Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images

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Victoria Swarovski has been in a relationship with Werner Moores (44) for 10 years and has been married for 5 yearsPhoto: Hannes Magerstaedt / Getty Images

But Victoria hasn’t said that yet. Because she does not want to, can not or should not? There is no other way, says Victoria. She also explains that she needs a break often, but then adds, “I love my job. In order not to be completely alone and to go out too much, I now have another dog.”

The two Lhasa Apsos Winnie and Gio travel everywhere with their lover. It’s often not easy: “I fly a lot and only one dog is allowed in the class,” Victoria explains. “My boss and I split, one sitting in business class with one dog and the other in economy class with two dogs.”

Some may dismiss these concerns as problems of a better society. But isn’t rapprochement a basic need and unity a basic problem in our society?

Swarovski modified the song Foto: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

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Swarovski’s “Let’s Dance” with Daniel Hartwich (43)Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Victoria Swarovski perfectly masters the game with the camera and with her audience, although she appeared only as a presenter for five years. The beginning of her career in “Let’s Dance” was accompanied by severe irony at that time.

Today, Swarovski has been appointed as a presenter alongside Daniel Hartwich. Critics are complaining about their outfits at the most — or that there are pregnancy rumors. Victoria does not mind. “Over the past season, there was a rumor that I was pregnant and I was like, seriously, aren’t there any more topics? I ate a lot before the show,” says Victoria. “I’m definitely not one to hide my pregnancy. exactly the contrary.”

And the announcer confirms: “My husband loves children and I would like to have children soon. I definitely do not want to miss this moment as I look forward to creating my family. Until then, I will train with dogs and slowly get used to the offspring.”

Victoria smiles and remains silent for a moment longer. Completely unplanned.

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