When do you prefer to end the relationship?

In the beginning of a romantic relationship, everything is exciting, easy and beautiful. Float together on pink clouds where troubles are far away. Can it stay like this forever, you ask yourself? Well, unfortunately we have to disappoint you. Unfortunately, eternal happiness in love is (often) an illusion.

After a few years at the latest, when hormone levels drop a bit, the first problems appear. Sometimes you want the next step, um To bring a new excitement, movement or seriousness to love
And take the relationship to a higher level.

With rising expectations come the first disappointments. Daily life also makes things difficult for many couples over time: at first you find certain habits that are pleasant, after that they become stressful and eventually unbearable.

With the appearance of the first relationship problems
Doubts also begin and ask yourself: Is this relationship worth holding on to?
There are some good reasons why it’s best to end a relationship. We list some of them. You feel it while reading. Do you recognize yourself at one point or another?

Reasons for separation despite love

Not happy with the relationship

If you always feel sad, Unappreciated and therefore worthless
– and you can trace that feeling clearly back to your relationship – it might be best to back off. While there is also pain and sadness associated with a breakup, remember that it is an opportunity for new happiness.

Troubled times prevail

Every relationship has it Ascending and descending ,
Because there can be no lasting harmony. However, if bad times prevail, you argue for a week and then celebrate two days of your honeymoon before the next crisis comes – then something is hugely wrong. Think back to the beginning of your partnership.

How wonderful I felt when I met you. I laughed, what a great time I had. However, if that’s the past that you’re only holding on to, it’s best to let it go. You deserve more than memories.

lost confidence

Trust is the foundation of every love relationship. If you have a partner: in your He has betrayed trust and you feel that your belief in him or her is irreparably destroying you
Then he or she is not worth your time and especially your love.

You will not be treated as you deserve

Mutual respect for one another is another foundation for a healthy partnership. Repeat after me: I deserve to be known for the wonderful and unique person that I am.
If your partner treats you disrespectfully or makes you feel worthless, stupid, or just not good enough, there is no need to stay in the relationship.

You can no longer imagine life together

None of us should Just be in a relationship you have a relationship.
Sometimes you get to a point where two people drift in different directions: one is focused on the job, while the other may already envision marriage and children. A person’s values ​​can also change over the course of their life.

So if you don’t like the idea of ​​spending your life with this person by your side, he’s not the right person either. We can never really predict if this is love forever, but without a choice, there’s no point in holding on to the partnership and you should instead separate.

I fell in love with someone else

that happens. You are having a great time with someone. Suddenly someone comes into your life and takes your breath away. Unfortunately, we cannot choose who we fall in love with and when we fall in love. But when that happens, we must follow our hearts. There is a reason someone could break into your current relationship. This does not speak for them.

You can’t give the love your partner deserves

Sometimes you have to let people go, even if it hurts. Like realizing that you don’t love them the way they deserve it. When you wish them the best – but know that you I can’t give the best at the moment.

How do you separate despite love?

Unfortunately, love alone is often not enough
To keep two people together. Sometimes there are differences that simply cannot be resolved. No matter how much you want and how hard you work on it. Unfortunately, these differences stand in the way of your long-term happiness.

The biggest challenge in breaking up despite the partner and the love that accompanies it is not just making the decision, but above all, making the decision as well. Put it into practice.
If you have decided to end the relationship, you must stick to your decision 100 percent and stand firm. Because the probability that your partner will cling to your love and want to convince you otherwise is very high.

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Know that if you stop and give yourself another chance, it will only hurt both of you
Give. Also, express your feelings openly and honestly
Be honest with yourself and tell him that you still have feelings, but you don’t see a future together for the two of you.

distance breakup interview
It is definitely recommended to disconnect. This will make it easier for both of you and give you space to let go of your love. Whether this path is right for you is up to you to decide for yourself.

Always remember: Even if the first time after a breakup is probably difficult: Breaking up despite love is often the first step in learning to love yourself again.
This feeling will surely overwhelm your heartbreak over time.

What do you do when you feel sad?

When all is said and done, love sickness is on the agenda. Do not forget The pain of a breakup is perfectly normal
he is. After all, in most cases, your ex still means something to you, even if the relationship itself no longer works. No matter who broke up – both partners lose the most important caregiver in their lives and it always hurts. But what can help with acne?

Now this Unfortunately, there is no generally valid prescription for rage disease.
However, most people find it helpful to be able to talk to a friend or family member about their concerns. At first, it’s also normal for you to cry a lot and have emotional outbursts. let it out!
If you can’t calm down, meditation can help, too. Keeping a journal can also be helpful because it’s where you write down your feelings.

It also helps a lot of people get distracted from things after a breakup: So get out, book that trip you’ve been wanting to take for so long, take on a new hobby, or give yourself a day of beauty. Physical activity is also a great way to clear your mind.

In our article: Lovesickness: How do I deal with it better you will find a lot of other useful tips!

Regardless of which path is right for you, the most important rule of all when it comes to lovemaking is: Take care of yourself and your needs!
Listen to yourself, be tolerant of yourself and do what’s good for you!

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