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How animal shelters and animals are supported by animal shelters care packages

As we know from Animal Shelter Care, around 300,000 animals wait in animal shelters across Germany to find their new forever home every year. Animal shelter employees usually try everything humanly possible to make this transition period as pleasant as possible for the owners. But this is not always easy for financial reasons, because many animal shelters are now facing great existential difficulties and do not know how to pay for food, bedding and the like. Animal Shelter Care is a company that puts animal welfare first and is committed to supporting animal shelters. In this context, FFTIN employees regularly provide information in information platforms about the situation in animal shelters, but the main focus of animal shelter care is on the concept of supply packages, which animal shelters can use to save a lot of money on pet food and the like.

Here you will find answers to questions such as:

Is the situation in German animal shelters really critical?
– How does FFTIN shelter care work?
– How important is the work of animal shelter care?
– What is the feed quality included in the FFTIN care packages?
Can’t you only bring your own feed to animal shelters?
Why is merchandising an important part of animal shelter care?
– How much does it cost to take on the FFTIN care package?
How do you know that the support will also reach the animal shelter?

Is the condition of German animal shelters really critical?

Animal shelters are institutions that society often takes for granted. According to Animal Shelter Care, more than 85 percent of animal shelters in Germany have financial problems. The state and municipalities provide little help, which is why animal shelters are in dire need of support. Financially, it is not only the costs of food, toys and kennel equipment that are important, but also the costs of electricity, maintenance and veterinary costs that are incurred on a regular basis. FFTIN Animal Shelter Care offers the solution here. Because the staff at the promotional booths not only draw attention to the situation in individual homes, but also provide animal shelters with free food as part of the supply packages.

How does animal shelter care work?

The concept of animal shelter care is to find animal loving people who are willing to purchase care packages for the animal shelter they desire. In total, FFTIN supports about 200 animal shelters across Germany, each with a special FFTIN animal shelter care supply account, to which donor-paid supply packages are added. Animal shelters then have the option of submitting food or bedding orders to the animal shelter care, the presence of which ultimately reimburses the service company for the credit created in the corresponding account.

What is the importance of animal care work?

With these supply packages, FFTIN Animal Shelter Care can reduce costs incurred by corresponding partner animal shelters, for example for food or cat litter, by up to 100 percent. Thanks to these savings, animal shelters, in turn, can use their funds for measures such as repair work, building a kennel or training animal breeders, which are essential to the animals’ quality of life. Since many animal shelters have significant financial problems, providing animal shelter care is a way to secure their livelihood.

What quality food is included in animal care supply packages?

Animal Shelter Care makes sure that animal shelters receive only high-quality feed. It is very important for animals that the feed does not change constantly, as this can lead to stomach problems, and the lack of routine causes additional stress that should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, Animal Shelter Care FFTIN has feed specially produced for animal shelters, which are optimally directed to meet the needs of the animals in the shelter. Due to the composition of the feed, not only do shelter dwellers get a nicer, shinier coat and suffer less hair loss, dogs in particular also develop less body odor, for example – aspects that are definitely an advantage when adopting animals. In addition, the feed that Animal Shelter Care provides in their supply packages contributes to increased activity and resistance in the animals and helps fortify the digestive system in a way that reduces disease and therefore less expensive visits to the vet.

Can’t you just bring food to animal shelters yourself?

Experts from Animal Shelter Care make it clear that animal shelters are of course grateful for any kind of support. However, the problem with private food donations is that animals cannot tolerate constant change of food well. Dogs and cats, for example, have very sensitive stomachs and intestines, which is why their bodies need about two weeks to adapt to the new food. Thus, animal shelter care provides the opportunity to support animal shelters in an uncomplicated way with high quality and, above all, consistent feed optimally adapted to the needs of animals.

Why is merchandising such an important part of animal welfare?

FFTIN animal shelter welfare staff know that animal shelters will face existential difficulties until the community is rethought. This rethink should be done as quickly as possible, after all, those who suffer are stray animals who can do the least they can for their condition. For this reason, animal shelter care attaches importance to drawing attention to the difficulties faced by animal shelters in different locations whenever possible.

How much does it cost to accept an animal home care supply package?

If you keep your mind and support an animal shelter of your choice with a supply package from Animal Shelter Care, you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket. For as little as seven euros per month, you can make your contribution to ensure the animals continue to have a home and the opportunity to be adopted by a loving family. The FFTIN concept makes it possible to provide approximately 40,000 animals with delicious feed every day.

How do you know that support will also reach an animal shelter?

Animal Shelter Care is a service company that places great importance on transparency because it values ​​the commitment of its supporters. For this reason, supply package deliveries to individual animal shelters with the date can be viewed on the homepage. In addition, FFTIN partner animal shelters are always ready to provide information on whether and how the concept works for them and what monthly expenses can be saved through the opportunities provided by animal shelter care.

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As a service company, we are looking for animal loving people on behalf of animal shelters who will handle the supply package for your animal shelter. These supply packages allow for reduced monthly feed costs and are often covered by up to 100%. We provide animal shelters a full service, from purchase of feed to logistics delivery to animal shelter. Most of these animal shelters would no longer exist without our work, as finances are becoming increasingly scarce.

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