‘Ella Schön’ star talks about her husband and kids

Annette Freer is never in a bad mood. But the actress and comedian really brings a smile to everyone’s lips.

‘Behind Bars – Women’s Prison’, ‘The Weekly Show’, ‘SK Kolch’ – Those were the beginnings Annette Frere (48). Since “Schillerstrasse” in 2004, the actress and comedian has become known to everyone in Germany. No wonder, Annette Freer is wonderfully natural and always has a smile on her face. Except perhaps for her role as “Ella Schön,” because the lawyer with Asperger’s syndrome is a bit reserved in the series. However, Frier perfectly manages the game between comedic and serious roles.

Annette Freer: mother of two

On April 24, a new episode of “Ella Schön” will air its second episode – and currently can also be watched on Amazon Prime’s “LOL – Last One Laughing” series. I love her children, as she revealed in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”: “Borders are flexible, whether I’m cool or awkward. If I shoot something for Amazon, I’m pretty cool. LOL has got my daughter forward.” Her son seems to want to follow in Mama’s footsteps, and Annette Freer practices the lyrics with him. The children are twins Josefina and Bruno (14 years old). Until now, she has kept her children out of the public eye. But who knows, maybe in the coming years we’ll see Bruno Wunsch’s name in the credits at some point, because that’s the real family name.

In August 2002, Annette Freer married director Johannes Winch (67) and took his name. The actress rarely talks about him, after all he comes to award ceremonies from time to time. In 2014, for example, she said at the German Comedy Award presentation ceremony: “Thank you that I can go to work and that you are my support at home (…) and thank you for the great sex with you!”

Annette Freer’s rare words about her children

In an interview with Gala, she once said that she was considered a high-risk pregnancy when she became pregnant with twins in her mid-30s. “Since my children were born prematurely, I know what it’s like to be in the premature infant ward. I also remember well all these preventative medical stories.” Twins are perfectly desirable babies. And in case she develops baby fever again, she can visit her sister Caroline Freer, 39, who became a mother for the first time in early 2022. Daughter Toni is her pride.

From April 24, the last three episodes of “Ella Schön” can be watched on Channel Two every Sunday at 8:15 p.m.

This is what the next three episodes are about

“Happiness of the Earth” (April 24)

Ella works to heal her breakup with Janis when she bumps into kung fu instructor Arndt Engler. Meanwhile, Christina realizes that her relationship with Ben’s father has no future. The unusual family life of the two women and children threatens to spin out of balance, as Ben is charged with it. Clara is angry with Ella, because she does not want to worry about the fact that her friend Leonie’s therapy horse has been rescued from the slaughterhouse. There are completely different reasons for this, because Ella is afraid of large animals. In the end, Clara and Christina manage to convince Ella to take the case.

“Freischwimmer” (1 May)

After Ben moves to Berlin, it looks like a new chapter in the Kipper/Sean house has begun. And maybe even after a noisy visit to an artists’ party. The next morning, Ella and Christina woke up naked next to each other – a photo of a passionate kiss between the two women is already circulating on the Internet. How will the relationship between the two women change? They can’t remember last night and are unsure of their feelings anyway. Because with Ella there is still chaos around Janice and Arendt. Ella also has to take care of a case, because at the party a work of art was destroyed out of jealousy.

“Betrayals” (May 8)

Christina got an offer to open a cafe in Berlin. After that she will be close to her son Ben again. But it also means its end in Fishland. And of course the departure of Ella. A change of scenery will do her good – but will it help Ella that her friend is suddenly no longer around? She struggles with her relationships and a new cause: Mayor Ulla Lüttjens has her driver’s license revoked and her husband kicks her out on the street. She finds shelter with Ella and Christina – chaos is inevitable.

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