Kind Words is a digital suggestion box full of love

Kind words allow writing and receiving messages.

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We all have times when we don’t do well. But talking about it is not always easy. Especially face to face. at Nice words (if in cool beats to write to)Kind Words In short, we can at least take the first step digitally and anonymously.

This is what Kind Words is all about

Kind Words is a suggestion box made into a play. We sit in a small virtual room, and we can write our concerns in short letters and send them to other unknown players. Anyone who reads our letter can also respond to it with a letter, preferably with encouraging words.

Content Warning: Mental Health Week articles cover different aspects of mental health and sometimes include examples of negative feelings and unhealthy behaviors that can lead to negative reactions in some people. Please be careful with texts that contain topics potentially of interest to you.

important note: If you have depression or self-destructive thoughts, you are not alone. Please get help. For example, at the Deutsche Depressionshilfe at 0800/33 44 533 or at the free advice centres.

In return, if you wish, we can read other users’ messages and do the same for them. After a response, however, the connection ends. We can only get to know each other using collectible stickers. Good knowledge of English is a must because most of the letters are written in English.

In Kind Words, we are allowed to respond to other players' concerns and write our own.

In Kind Words, we are allowed to respond to other players’ concerns and write our own.

The full (and somewhat cumbersome) title gives it away: LoFi beats run continuously in the background. So Kind Words is perfect as background music for the home office, for studying or relaxing. With its simple, warm-toned graphic technique, this should be possible even on the weakest of devices.

A second screen paid off. In screensaver mode, not only music is played; It also offers cheerful quotes or friendly messages from other players.

This is what makes Kind Words so special

Kind Words is special because of its concept alone. The games are mostly about mastering challenges. And in multiplayer titles or discussions in forums, experience has shown that it doesn’t take long before the tone changes — or, at worst, becomes discriminatory.

Kinds Words wants to offer a low-threshold, heart-friendly, and comprehensive alternative to all of this. It’s a bundle of positivity that, after a bad day, users reassure us that it’s OK to fail, you can never do more than your best, and you should always drink enough.

For our protection, Kind Words gives us some hints at first.

For our protection, Kind Words gives us some hints at first.

For our protection, Kind Words give us valuable hints at first. It is not a game of making new friends. We must also not disclose any private information (including our name). However, the moderation feature is missing. Instead, we’re supposed to report rude messages. Fortunately we didn’t receive any while playing it.

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For whom are Kind Words interesting?

Kind Words for almost everyone. Especially after the last year and a half, we have earned kind words to make us happy. Thanks to the screensaver mode, you don’t even have to type the letters yourself.

Kind Words give us a little encouragement in abundance.

Kind Words give us a little encouragement in abundance.

But keep in mind: If you have trigger words, you should treat strange characters with caution. During our playing time, it was mostly about mental health issues. Specifically, it was often about self-doubt and the elimination of love, but also about traumatic events or self-injurious behavior.

In addition to: No one-sided exchange with strangers from the Internet can replace professional help. No matter how much well-meaning advice we receive.

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Eric Corner

Admittedly, I rarely answered letters in Kind Words and never wrote anything myself. But that’s only because of me and my self-imposed plan to talk to my friends directly often when I’m not feeling well. But that doesn’t change the fact that I love the idea behind Kind Words. Meanwhile, the digital suggestion box flashes regularly on my second screen. So I have a playlist to work with and sometimes I have to smile when I look at the cute messages from other players.

Important request: Since our articles from Mental Health Week deal with sensitive topics that sometimes ask a lot of us when writing, we ask that you at this point be especially kind and understanding when commenting. Thank you and happy reading!

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