The struggle to get dressed – why kids are often so stubborn

It is a common misconception that children have no taste for fashion. There are good reasons why fashion trends like dirndls are so popular for kids. The offspring already has its own taste and the big problem when dressing is that parents decide on the head of the child.

So does the solution lie in the fact that the child decides for himself what outfit he wants to wear to daycare? However, in certain parts there are limits to self-development, otherwise problems may arise:

  • When it comes to choosing clothes, kids don’t follow the season.
  • Inappropriate clothing is often seen as appropriate in a child’s chart.
  • Wearing your favorite shirt for three weeks at a time doesn’t work.

So parental boundaries are important, but they don’t need to be too strict. If a child wants to choose the outfit to wear to visit the nursery in the morning, he must be able to do so.

The wrong outfit can sometimes cause a child to have a temper tantrum. picture:

Reduce your clothing choices from the start to make it easier to choose

Wearing the right clothes in spring, summer, fall and winter is an art, even for an adult, how can a three-year-old choose his daycare clothes without any problems? This works through the preparatory work of the parents. Anyone who puts offspring in front of a fully packed wardrobe should expect exotic combinations. Summer dress in winter is not uncommon.

But if you give your child only season-appropriate clothing, you don’t have to worry about their fit. Then the offspring can decide for themselves what clothes they want to wear. And if it is a green pullover with red pants, then this can certainly be allowed. Every child has the right to develop himself, parents should not forbid color combinations.

Why don’t kids just want to get dressed up?

Fashion plays an important role in people’s lives. Major events like the Oscars are not only distinguished by the talents of the guests, but also by their modern looks. The development of personal taste begins in childhood.

It seems very easy to choose a cute outfit as a parent and to prepare well-behaved offspring according to their own taste. In turn, the horror is great when the child suddenly does not want to wear the gently chosen jacket and comments on it with words such as “yes or no”.

It’s a learning process, but for parents. Despite the small size of the child, his taste is pronounced. It is an important developmental step that children are allowed to isolate themselves from their parents and develop their own preferences. This happens on the table if the evening meal does not taste good, but it also happens in the wardrobe if the outfit does not suit the taste of the child.

With clothing packages against the stress of wearing clothes

The great stress when wearing clothes often arises from the fact that each individual component has to be thought through several times. Just asking for the right socks may take a few minutes for the baby. The time when one would be very happy to give offspring, but it simply does not exist. This can be addressed if the clothes in the children’s closet are not tied individually but in clothing packages.

In this way, parents also help the sons not to appear as a colorful parrot in the day care center because their fashion awareness is clear but not yet mature. Sets of shirts, pants, underwear and socks are simply bundled together and placed in the closet. The child now has the opportunity to choose which packaging to wear every morning.

If you choose the cool Batman shirt, the other components of the set (pants, underpants, etc.) are also included. The offspring must make this compromise, and the packets are no longer replaced. A deal that a surprising number of children are happy to enter into. There is a sense of personal responsibility, but at the same time parents do not completely lose control and can have a say in how the external image is formed in the interests of their children.

Conclusion: Costume dramas are normal and sometimes important

The drama of getting dressed with a child can never be completely stopped, for most kids of a certain age, the challenging stage is pretty straightforward. But with tips, tricks and above all a lot of patience, parents and kids can get through this stage unscathed. Late in adolescence, the time when kids get fashion advice from their parents anyway is over. Then the adults have to go through it, without any condition or reservations.


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