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Ferrero has launched a recall of several baby products in Europe. In Germany, this affects many supermarket and discount chains such as Aldi, Lidl, Rewe and Co.

Kassel – Shortly before Easter, Ferrero International reported a current recall* of children’s sweets. In Germany, too, there are warnings against consuming affected products, including the famous surprise eggs. The presence of salmonella is suspected.

All recalled sweets were manufactured in a factory in Belgium and subsequently sold to several countries. In Germany, several major supermarket chains such as Aldi*, Lidl* and Co. have responded. for Ferrero’s urgent call and explained what customers can do now.

The Ferrero recall affects several supermarkets in Germany. Now comment on what customers can do. (Iconic image) © KH / Imago

Big Ferrero recall at Aldi, Lidl & Co: These products should not be consumed

As a precaution, infected products should not be eaten as salmonella can cause gastrointestinal disease. So far, 105 confirmed cases and 29 suspected cases have appeared. Children under the age of ten are particularly affected. This was announced by the authorities in Parma and Stockholm.

The following Ferrero children’s sweets are currently being recalled:

Kinder surprise eggs 3 packs 3 x 20 grams From April to June 2022
Surprise eggs for kids 4 packs 4 x 20 grams 08/21/2022
Chocolate candy for kids all sizes May to September 2022
Children’s white chocolate all sizes May to September 2022
Kinder Surprise Maxi Eggs 100 grams From April to September
Mini baby eggs of all kinds 100 grams August to September 2022
Mini mix eggs for kids 250 grams August 21 2022
Kids Mix Colorful Mix 132 grams August to September 2022
Mix basket for children 86 grams August to September 2022
Mix bag for kids 193 grams August to September 2022
happy moments for kids 162 grams May to September 2022
Happy Moments for Kids Mini Mix 162 grams May to September 2022
Plush Maxi Mix for kids 133 grams August 21 2022
Kinder Surprise Maxi Smurf Eggs 100 grams August to September 2022

Ferrero announced in an official press release that none of the baby products on the German market has been tested positive for salmonella. In addition to Germany, many baby products are also recalled in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Israel and Australia.

XXL Ferrero recall at Aldi, Lidl & Co: what customers can do now

But what can customers who have purchased these children’s products do now? Several major supermarket chains have commented on Ferrero’s recall at the request of a consumer advice center in Hamburg. “Of course, customers who have purchased similar products from Ferrero can return them to Edeka for a refund of the purchase price without presenting the receipt,” said Edeka*. Opponent Neto announced the same.

For Kaufland and Aldi, safety and customer satisfaction come first. “Because we get the products from the production plant you mentioned, we took the alleged damaged items and batches off Ferrero as a precaution on April 5,” Kaufland says. So products can also be returned to the store without presenting the receipt.

“We want our customers to feel comfortable buying from us and to be satisfied with the quality of our products,” Aldi Nord* responded. With the so-called “Aldi Guarantee”, the discount offers an “uncomplicated exchange and guarantee scheme”. According to the information from Aldi, the items of the affected children can be returned indefinitely and without presentation of the receipt.

Many children’s sweets in Ferrero are being recalled: so were Aldi, Lidl & Co.

According to her own statements, Lidl is following the same path as Aldi, Kaufland, Edeka and Netto. Products purchased from Lidl can be returned at all branches. The purchase price will of course be refunded, even without presenting the receipt.

Urgent recall: How consumers can contact Ferrero

However, Rewe* and Penny refer to Ferrero’s official regulations and recommendations in the recall. “Affected products are branded merchandise. In this regard, Ferrero explains how customers can return these products for a refund of the purchase price. If, in individual cases, customers want to return the affected products to our stores, we will find an appropriate arrangement.”

In the official press release, Ferrero asked consumers to keep the baby products they purchased and contact customer service first. He can be contacted at +06666566549 069 or at the email address (Like) * is an offer by IPPEN.MEDIA.

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