9 Most Exciting Museums for Children in Berlin

We show you Museums in Berlin especially suitable for children They’ve rounded up the most popular children’s museums in Berlin for you. We feature handpicked cultural tips, galleries and private museums to discover and admire when visiting Berlin with children. Among them are world-famous enterprises such as this one Natural History Museum and the Pergamon Museum. show them Children’s favorite must see and few real insider tips. (Updated 04/2022)

The Natural History Museum in Berlin, Photo: © M.Foerster

Checklist: With the Children to the Museum in Berlin

  • Choose the age-appropriate essentialsMost of the children’s museums in the capital are recommended as educational and entertainment options for children from the age of three, and large museums such as the Museum of Natural History and the Pergamon Museum are suitable for children from the age of five. Families experience exhibitions in museums with all their senses. Exciting exhibits, hands-on exhibits and interactive rooms cast a spell on older children and adults.
  • Museum type: Art, History or Natural Sciences – Children’s museums in Berlin are dedicated to a wide range of subjects. It enables visitors young and old to gain insights into fantastic worlds in a fun and educational way. Children older than 6 years experience history at the Jewish Museum and the DDR Museum in Berlin.
  • ButFamilies spend a few hours or all day at one of Berlin’s many children’s museums. Many of the exhibits are designed in a detailed and exciting way, inviting children to play and try things out. Several hours fly from here.
  • This is amazing Major popular museums Suitable for 4-5 years old children:
    1. Natural History Museum
    2. Pergamon Museum
    3. The Jewish Museum Berlin
    4. DDR Museum Berlin
    5. Guided tour of Berlin Island Museum
    6. Technology Museum in Berlin
    7. German Spy Museum

Berlin’s most famous children’s museum

They come for families with young and old children Several museums in Berlin as worthwhile destinations In question. In them, young visions of friendly children in history, art or the world of visual illusions acquires. The exhibits varied fun and educational at the same time.

The Natural History Museum in Berlin

Children's Museums
Berlin Natural History Museum, Photo: © Provider, getyourguide partner

The Museum für Naturkunde Berlin is one of the most famous museums for children in the capital, Berlin. It is one of the largest natural history museums in Germany. known about him The Natural History Museum presents dinosaur skeletons . The museum is suitable for children from 5 years old and of course young children can visit it. If you want to see everything in detail and take pictures, you can spend the whole day as a family at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. Families should plan at least two to three hours for a tour.

Line jump tickets: The Natural History Museum in Berlin

The Natural History Museum in Berlin
Invalidenstrasse 43
10115 Berlin

Website: www.museumfuernaturkunde.berlin/de

Natural History Museum Berlin
The Natural History Museum in Berlin, Photo: © M.Foerster

German Museum of Technology Berlin

Children's Museums
Photo: © Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin

The German Museum of Technology is one of the exciting excursion destinations for families interested in technology. The large plane above the entrance makes children’s eyes sparkle. On an area of ​​more than 25,000 square metres, families can view historic vehicles, aircraft, and watercraft. Many of the exhibits invite you to touch, experiment and climb. In this way, the museum is fun for children aged three years and over.

Older children and adults will enjoy the parade tracks, experimental stations in 19 permanent galleries, and special changing exhibitions. Among the topics covered by the museum are motion picture technology, the Internet, shipping, and space. In the museum garden, wind energy is concentrated.

German Museum of Technology Berlin
Trebbiner Strasse 9
10963 Berlin
Website: technikmuseum.berlin

Children's Museums
Photo: © Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin

More interesting museums for kids in Berlin

German Spy Museum

Children's Museums
German Spy Museum Photo © Service Provider, Partner of tiqets.com

Children and adults who want to feel like secret agents visit the Spy Museum in the capital. This specializes in the period of espionage in Berlin during the Cold War. This mixes interactive fun with history education. Guests could see what the eavesdropping room looked like and what accessories the spies needed.

The interactive exhibit from World of Spies dedicates a separate room to Hollywood’s most famous agent. In this, visitors marvel at the original movie props from the James Bond films. Interactive family exhibitions with an exciting laser course and secret lab for children from the age of eight. Little spies playfully learn how to encode messages, track errors or put together a jigsaw puzzle.

German Spy Museum
Leipziger Platz 9
10117 Berlin
Website: www.deutsches-spionagemuseum.de/museum

Elysium Berlin

Children's Museums
Illuseum Berlin Photo © Provider, tiqets.com partner

In the Kids can do the Illuseum Berlin And adults can’t believe their eyes. The Museum of Illusions and Optical Illusions combines family fun and appropriate knowledge transfer for children. As visitors wander the rooms, they seem to grow and shrink again. The brave pass through the spiral tunnel or stand up in an upside down room on the head.

Many entertaining exhibits draw guests into a world full of fantasies. They take souvenir photos at interactive exhibits such as the Kaleidoscope. In the Ames room, the distorted walls create unusual effects. The friendly staff will help the visitors to take the best pictures of them. Many persistent fantasies invite you to learn new things about mathematics, geometry, and physics.

Elysium Berlin
Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 9
10178 Berlin
Website: www.illuseum-berlin.de

join! Children’s Museum

Children's Museums
join! Children’s Museum Image © via socialmedia

The former Eliaskirche has a mixture of museums and an adventure playground. god! The museum includes several stations for play and experimentation. Some of these come from bygone eras and impress with their historical furnishings. The soap shop lets you take a little trip back in time.

The multi-storey climbing rack or the Hall of Mirrors is recommended as indoor playgrounds for discovery. In the adjacent Paradise Garden, children can immerse themselves in the world of plants. Several children’s workshops are located on the upper floor of the museum. In these, visitors devote themselves to different types of handicrafts. god! The museum has been open since 2003.

join! Children’s Museum
Senefelderstrasse 5
10437 Berlin
Prenzlauer Berg
Website: machmitmuseum.de

Magikum Berlin

Children's Museums
© Provider

MAGICUM Berlin is the world’s first interactive museum of magic and mysticism. For several hours, it takes visitors into a magical world full of wonders. It is devoted to various topics such as “myths and fairy tales”, “chemistry and science” or “religion and culture”.

Kids experience how exciting illusions play tricks on their senses. They also learn the secrets of astrology or gain insight into the dark times of witch hunts. Interactive exhibits make children and adults a part of the exhibit.

advice: Besides magic fairs, fantastic magic shows await guests every weekend. Presentation of the workshops that introduce visitors to the world of magic that are held regularly.

Magicum – Berlin Magic Museum
Gross Hamburger Strasse 17
10115 Berlin dead
Website: www.magicum-berlin.de

Insider tip “Studio of Wonders”

Children's Museums
Wonderland studio in Berlin Photo: © Provider, tiqets.com partner

the most beautiful meInstagram picture in Berlin? “Studio of Wonders” is a combination of museums, adventure playground and Instagram world in bright colors. International artists designed the rooms with different themes as a great photography environment. Suitable for children older than 10 years old:

Wonder studio
Leipziger Platz 14
10117 Berlin
Website: studioofwonders.com

Messages Museum

Children's Museums
Photo: © Museum of Letters

An insight into the world of letters and stories awaits children and adults at the Museum of Letters. From Thursday to Sunday, various exhibitions about the famous letters from the capital are open to guests. You will enjoy exhibits weighing up to 100 kilograms. Some of them reach a height of more than two meters.

The world’s one-of-a-kind collection consists of more than 1,000 letters, logos, and letters. They have largely shaped the cityscape of Berlin. The exceptional museum allows children and young people to immerse themselves in history in a different way.

adviceThe Graffiti Museum is located on Turmstrasse, 20 minutes from the Alphabet Museum. This is the largest art gallery in the world.

Letters Museum
City Railway Arch 424
10557 Berlin
Website: www.briefenmuseum.de

Children’s Maze Museum Berlin

Children's Maze Museum Berlin

In the Wedding district, Berlin holidaymakers will find the Labyrinth Children’s Museum, an interactive theater and educational facility. Younger guests enjoy the 1,000 square meter space by trying new things and learning through play. The Children’s Museum is recommended for visitors aged three years and over.

The large climbing maze is a highlight in this combination of indoor playground and museum. Toddlers learn the first rules of road traffic while driving in mini cars. Exciting workshops show children in an age-appropriate manner how to build a house or how to make soap.

The large stock of costumes enables them to slip into new roles. If you prefer a quiet atmosphere, listen to the kid-friendly stories in the book corner. Changing experience exhibits complement the museum’s display.

Maze Children’s Museum
12 Oslo Street
13359 Berlin
Website: www.labyrinth-kindermuseum.de/de

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