Mariupol: How thousands of fighters and children are defending themselves against the secret Putin

Steel Factory’s Last Stronghold: How Thousands of Fighters and Children Defend themselves Against Putin 30 Meters Underground

The drama of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and hundreds of children trapped in the besieged Mariupol Steelworks approaches its climax. For now, Putin’s mantra is that his soldiers “don’t let any flies” outside. But what does it look like in the vast plant basements?

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Last weekend, the world was able to get an insight into the infernal conditions that reign in the basements of the steel plant basements in Mariupol. In a video that lasted several minutes and was posted on the Internet by the Azov Regiment of the Ukrainian army, crowded and largely dark rooms can be seen. Young children sleep on blankets spread out on the bare floor, their stomachs wrapped in makeshift plastic bags, possibly to replace diapers.

Vladimir Putin’s calculations of starving people in a steel mill without a fight in order to force them to surrender seems to be working gradually. The video includes a woman reporting that the food has expired. You are on the verge of not being able to feed the kids anymore. It is said that about 2,500 soldiers of the Ukrainian army, including foreign mercenaries, are in the basement. There are also about a thousand civilians, including several hundred children.

Mariupol Hell: Babies haven’t seen the sun for two months

There is hardly a medium who does not quote the heartbreaking sentence of a young girl from the video, who has been in the bunkers of the strategically important city overlooking the Sea of ​​Azov since February 27: “I have not seen the sky or the sun since then” Putin had previously ordered his soldiers to guard the entire plant until No fly comes out.”

True, Mariupol is about to fall. But despite the bloody war of raids that have been going on for two months now, the Russian forces have not yet been able to take full control.

The last stronghold of Mariupol against the Russian invaders

The Azov Steel Company, considered one of the largest in Europe, is the last uninhabited stronghold of the Ukrainian army’s resistance in the region. It is located between the western and eastern halves of Mariupol, right at the mouth of the Calmagos River and covers an area of ​​eleven square kilometers. Thanks to the massive interweaving of kilns, chimneys, factories, and railway installations, it formed the face of the city some 90 years ago.

Putin himself said last week that storming the bunker was impossible due to the extensive tunnel system. The tunnels extend over six floors with a total length of about 24 kilometers.

Azov Steel: The last floor is hidden about 30 meters below ground level

Civilians are supposed to stay in the middle mezzanine. In addition, there also appear to be stores for food, ammunition and fuel, as shown in the graph “Bild am Sonntag”. It appears that there are guards on the first and fifth floors, while about 2,000 soldiers and resistance fighters are said to reside on the sixth floor.

The basement system must have self-sufficient water and electricity supply. The ceilings of the rooms shown in the video are between two and a half and three metres. Assuming a thickness of about 1 meter for the intermediate floors, the final basement level could result in a depth of 25 to 30 metres. The bunker was built in Soviet times during the Cold War. Hitler’s Wehrmacht destroyed parts of the factory in 1943 when they withdrew.

The Russian army has announced the renewal of the cease-fire that it has repeatedly violated

The Russian military announced a ceasefire in Mariupol on Monday so that civilians can leave steel plants. But in Mariupol in particular, Putin’s soldiers immediately broke their statements several times.


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